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 FBI director James Comey very likely was the final shove in defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. There were numerous accomplices, including President Donald... [Read More]
Never before in American history has a current or former director of the FBI, the nation's principal law-enforcement agency, publicly described a president in such... [Read More]
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CIA Director Mike Pompeo meets with Kim Jong Un, former FBI Director James Comey describes the president as morally unfit and Lloyd Blankfein talks trade,... [Read More]
Donald Trump lashed out Friday after memos of his meetings with the FBI's then chief James Comey depicted the president as obsessed with the Russia... [Read More]
In the midst of the longest run of self-inflicted wounds known to man, Donald Trump caught a huge break. And then, of course, he tossed... [Read More]
Donald Trump is "morally unfit" to be president, James Comey, the FBI director Trump fired last year, declared in the ABC interview this week that... [Read More]
It might be time for a national reckoning on where to draw the lines for our leaders on sex, lies and violence. [Read More]
James Comey's extraordinary attacks on Donald Trump as "morally unfit" to be president are more than a ploy to sell books. The unprecedented phenomenon of... [Read More]
President Trump, a man accused of being morally unfit for the presidency, might have been on the moral high ground when he ordered a missile... [Read More]
Trump is a liar and morally unfit for office. It's time to show him that the truth still matters in our nation. [Read More]
President Donald Trump lambasted former FBI Director James Comey as a leaker, liar and slimeball, in a series of tweets that were sometimes at odds... [Read More]
Associated Press WASHINGTON Former FBI Director James Comey says he thinks it's possible the... [Read More]
The explosive new book by former FBI Director James Comey went on sale Tuesday. On ABC Eyewitness News at 11 Tuesday morning, Comey defended his... [Read More]
In the latest barrage between the former FBI director and the White House, James Comey told ABC News that Trump was "morally unfit" to be... [Read More]
Former FBI director James Comey fended off attacks Tuesday over his blistering criticism of President Donald Trump as his new book hit the stores and... [Read More]
Jan Halper-Hayes, former worldwide vice president of Republicans Overseas, and Brian Klaas, fellow in comparative politics at the London School of Economics, debate the "moral... [Read More]
Patriots' Day pounding! Smear campaign continues. From Stitches is the "worst handicapper in history" to "he's morally unfit." Settle down, Sammy Gravano. And you too,... [Read More]
Former FBI Director James Comey's first major interview since his firing by President Donald Trump aired on Sunday night. The interview, in which Comey called... [Read More]
Grand Forks Herald Former FBI Director James Comey's first major interview since his firing by President Donald Trump aired on Sunday night. The interview, in... [Read More]