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The recent rain the city has received is great for the community, but it is also helpful for a community of pests, mosquitoes. [Read More]
It may be nearly a month into fall, but Amarillo area pest experts say there's too much water on the ground and not enough chill... [Read More]
A sneaky takeoff technique helps mosquitoes escape undetected after they bite you. [Read More]
The City of Amarillo is working to rid the area of pests like mosquitoes. ... [Read More]
Other insects push off from their landing surfaces, but mosquitoes minimise the force felt by their prey by using their wings. [Read More]
Nets, coils, insecticides and Indian tonic water were all developed to deal with malaria... [Read More]
PINE ISLAND, Fla. It's question of what's worse, mosquitoes or helicopters flying from an airport to fight them. Lee County Mosquito Control seeks to move... [Read More]
Well fed mosquitoes need to make a stealthy get away to avoid attracting the attention of the victim upon which they have just gorged, and... [Read More]
How do mosquitoes land and take off without our noticing? Using high-speed video cameras, a team from UC Berkeley and Wageningen University have found part... [Read More]
Video... [Read More]
Laurens & Greenwood showing confirmed cases of West Nile Virus ... [Read More]
Kenny Chesney stadium concerts have almost become as much a part of Minnesota summers as mosquitoes, lake itch and road construction, but next year is... [Read More]
After Austin Public Health found West Nile virus in the city's mosquito population, the city health department and University Health Services are advising Austinites to... [Read More]
The Department of Health issued a warning after discovering mosquitoes infected with encephalitis in the Lower Valley. [Read More]
Israel has been in an ongoing state of emergency since its founding in 1948. But many of the country's 'emergency' orders have nothing to do... [Read More]
There was also the ice cream manufacturing order... [Read More]
Tests confirm the presence of St. Louis Encephalitis in mosquitoes found in El Paso. [Read More]
Eastern equine encephalitis, rarely found in the state, has been confirmed in mosquitoes trapped in the eastern Connecticut towns of Hampton and Voluntown, according to... [Read More]
More rain means water in the lake and a green back yard, but it also means more mosquitoes. [Read More]
"Until we have an extended period of cooler weather, mosquitoes are going to be active well into the fall, so you still need to protect... [Read More]