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In orphanages in Baghdad and Mosul, children born to both foreign and local fighters are learning to cope with abandonment and reentry into a society... [Read More]
Children in the Iraqi city of Mosul are settling back into classes more than a year after the city was reclaimed from ISIL. The armed... [Read More]
In Iraqi orphanages, you find all the ways that war wreaks its destruction, embodied in the most innocent of faces: Children of those killed, children... [Read More]
Turkey's foreign minister says his country will reopen its consulates in the Iraqi cities of Basra and Mosul and pursue deeper economic and commercial ties... [Read More]
Amazing story: A Muslim family hid for three years two ancient Syriac Orthodox books in Mosul during the city's occupation by the Islamic State (ISIS)... [Read More]
Sunni Muslims who have returned to the gray dusty ruin of West Mosul, Iraq, to start over, but most Christians are convinced that is impossible... [Read More]
Facts in pictures... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast On a roundabout in west Mosul, the biggest city to become part of the so-called Islamic State, the jihadists... [Read More]
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