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President Trump on Saturday denied provoking the shouts of "send her back" that his supporters chanted about Rep. Ilhan Omar during one of his recent... [Read More]
The tweets by Mr. Trump over the weekend were reprehensible and a new low even for him. Just when you thought he couldn't go any... [Read More]
Priya Saha, organising secretary of the Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council (HBCUC), attended a meeting at the White House on July 19 and a... [Read More]
"With the incompetent Mayor of London, you will never have safe streets," Mr. Trump said, alongside a retweet of a Twitter message related to the... [Read More]
Just when you think Mr. Trump can go no lower, he manages to find a way to do so. This weekend, Trump tweeted that four... [Read More]
President Trump renewed his attacks on the "vile and disgusting" statements of ethnic-minority congresswomen yesterday in a sign that he was honing a core re-election... [Read More]
Eugene Scalia, whom Mr. Trump plans to nominate as labor secretary, has been a go-to lawyer for businesses like UPS and SeaWorld. [Read More]
Donald Trump has responded to the Iran Islamic Revolutionary Guard seizing at least one British oil tanker. After saying he was in talks with the... [Read More]
(NBC News) President Trump attempted to distance himself Thursday from a crowd chant of "Send her back!" at his Greenville, North Carolina rally Wednesday night.... [Read More]
When President Donald Trump's old-guard Republican critics lament what he has done to American conservatism, they often complain specifically about the abandonment of the idea... [Read More]
No matter what we have been told, there are far more atrocities happening to our citizens, our legal immigrants, our culture, and our neighbors under... [Read More]
US President Donald Trump says he likes Tory leadership candidate Boris Johnson, with the UK's next prime minister to be announced next week. Mr Trump... [Read More]
President Trump on Friday hailed the Apollo 11 lunar landing as one of America's greatest achievements but said his sights are set "further now," saying... [Read More]
Rep. Mike Quigley on Friday described President Trump as having a "sick personality."The Illinois Democrat said the Mr. Trump's rhetorical attacks against four women of... [Read More]
Here are winning goals for Mr. Trump's second term: Revamp the scope, seniority and unionization of the federal bureaucracy.Improve the permit process to speed up... [Read More]
Rep. Mike Quigley on Friday described President Trump as having a "sick personality." The Illinois Democrat said the Mr. Trump's rhetorical attacks against four women... [Read More]
Video footage has emerged showing Donald Trump bragging about kissing a married talk show host on the lips while her husband's back was turned. The... [Read More]
It was refreshing to read that U.S. Representative Kelly Armstrong is willing to "go out on a limb" and state the obvious. He said that... [Read More]