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The 2000-year-old mummy, named Hen, was brought to the hospital for a CT scan to find more information about it. [Read More]
Doctors at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, New York, got the special privilege to bodily scan a 2000-year-old corpse Sunday. Rarely does a medical expert get to... [Read More]
Coffin fragments and a mummy are among some of the items discovered inside the tombs. [Read More]
Cazenovia library resident mummy, Hen, was brought into Crouse Hospital in Syracuse tonight for a CT scan. Doctors are hoping to find out more information... [Read More]
George Gill has studied hundreds of human remains. But despite all his time excavating, protecting and curating human remains elsewhere and in Wyoming, he's never... [Read More]
LUXOR: Egypt's authorities revealed artefacts and a linen-wrapped mummified body, possibly that of a top official from two tombs that were discovered two decades ago... [Read More]
"Our ancient Egyptian ancestors are bestowing their blessing." [Read More]
The artifacts found inside include clay vessels, wooden masks and even a mummy wrapped in linen. [Read More]
Please share with me your recommendations for good detective games to get caught up in! Details under the fold. I enjoy games of the... [Read More]
LUXOR, Egypt: Egypt's Antiquities Ministry says archaeologists have discovered two ancient tombs in the southern city of Luxor. The ministry said Saturday that one tomb... [Read More]
Egypt authorities announced Saturday that archaeologists had discovered two small ancient tombs in Luxor, a southern city.  The tombs date back about 3,500 years... [Read More]
The final resting places of two ancient officials contain colorful grave goods, an elaborate mural, and linen-wrapped human remains. [Read More]
Egypt is hoping to give tourists a new reason to come visit. For the first time, the country has opened up two small tombs, believed to... [Read More]
Mummy wrapped in linen and about 450 statues among artefacts found in two 3500-year-old tombs. [Read More]
AN ANCIENT 3,500-year-old Egyptian mummy surrounded by skulls and bones has been discovered in the southern city of Luxor. [Read More]
EGYPT-ARCHAEOLOGY/ (TV, PIX):Egypt reveals artefacts, mummy from tombs in ancient city of Luxor... [Read More]
Two possible identities are offered for the linen-wrapped remains found in a tomb outside the southern Egyptian city of Luxor. [Read More]
A mummy dating back about 3,500 years is among items discovered in the two tombs. [Read More]