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"The Mummy" (1932), starring Boris Karloff, is easily the best of these and all the later mummy movies. [Read More]
LOS ANGELES _ Film franchises are having a chilly summer at the box office. "Transformers: The Last Knight" stalled out, "The Mummy" got buried, and... [Read More]
The newest version of The Mummy starring Cruise, Sofia Boutella and Russell Crowe should have stayed buried deep, deep underground. [Read More]
The German study involves Egyptian mummy DNA. [Read More]
New biography reveals Charles received no comfort on the night of Diana's crash. [Read More]
Universal is releasing the Illumination threequel in a record 4,529 screens, while TriStar is looking to earn "Baby Driver" cult movie status Though the... [Read More]
The youngster makes the mistake of trying to get his mother's attention while she's busy eating so throws a tantrum, only to have her push... [Read More]
The Big Brother star was wearing her best mummy couture... [Read More]
"Transformers: The Last Knight" Ironically Takes First in Box Office Posted By: Atlas Novackon: June 27, 2017In: Life and Arts, News, Santa MonicaNo Comments Print... [Read More]
Hollywood has long been suspicious that the box office receipts they receive from the movies they release in China have been underreported, and now they... [Read More]
The reality babe looked every inch the yummy mummy as she went for a walk in the Spanish sun... [Read More]
Stfuuuuuuu. [Read More]
The New 'Transformers' Movie Is Copping Some Savage Reviews ... [Read More]
Seth Meyers reminisces about the good ol' past when the president didn't tweet and a movie called "The Mummy" starred Brendan Fraser instead of Tom... [Read More]
Exeter senior gives film a C... [Read More]
Videos of the mummy have been watched more than a million times – which appears to be all part of the plan... [Read More]
Conspiracy theorist claim they have discovered an alien mummy near the Nazca lines... [Read More]
Annabelle Wallis appears in The Mummy with Tom Cruise and has been directed by Madonna and Guy Ritchie too... [Read More]
'Cars 3' is just below $100 million domestic while 'Baywatch' has $137 million worldwide. [Read More]
What the failure of "The Mummy" teaches us about the successes of Marvel, Warner Bros. and Lucasfilm... [Read More]