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In a courtroom in Zharkent, Kazakhstan, in July 2018, a former kindergarten principal named Sayragul Sauytbay calmly described what Chinese officials continue to deny: a... [Read More]
Sue Obeidi, director of MPAC's Hollywood Bureau, speaks about the recent success of Muslim artists like Mahershala Ali, and how to encourage lasting changes... [Read More]
[embedded content] [Read More]
Reniqua Allen discusses her book, It Was All A Dream: A New Generation Confronts the Broken Promise to Black America. Laura Mucha talks about her new... [Read More]
Our colleagues at Gothamist, Ben Yakas, the culture editor for the site, and writer, Claire Lampen, join us with an update about what's happening around the city... [Read More]
The British government is fighting to prevent the publication of documents that would reportedly show how counter-extremism propaganda, aimed at young British Muslims, is being... [Read More]
The one factor which led to the defeat of the Northern Army in Canada and the Continental Army's success after was ….[drumroll]…. smallpox. ... [Read More]
Voters, especially younger generations and Muslims, want to radically take over and change America. [Read More]
    Over the past few days, two or three very passionate writers have insisted to me that Muslims -- and perhaps, it seems, all... [Read More]
An exhibition to honour Muslims who helped to save Jews during the Holocaust has been forced to open in another area of London after an... [Read More]
and, for that matter, Jews... [Read More]
Two of three militia members accused of bombing a Minnesota mosque have hearings scheduled next week in federal court to change their pleas. Online... [Read More]
COXS BAZAR: At least 1,300 Rohingya Muslims have crossed into Bangladesh from India since the start of the year, an official said Wednesday, as fears... [Read More]
Americans and most European masses are indoctrinated that Islam and Muslims are their enemies and somehow, the 9/11 attacks have come to revisit the superstitious... [Read More]
Gizmodo Media Group is teaming up with Smartypants Productions to premiere the second season of The Secret Life of Muslims — a video series with... [Read More]
The WSJ may have been pranked in the process, too. [Read More]
The writer of 'Green Book' has apologised for a 2015 tweet that saw him making derogatory remarks about Muslims in America. [Read More]
AHMEDABAD: Instead of the usual revelry on Uttarayan, a curfew of sorts seemed to have been imposed on terraces in the Muslim areas of Modasa... [Read More]
This past year was a bad one for China's religious believers, particularly Christians and Muslims. [Read More]
The bill, passed by the Lok Sabha on January 8, seeks to grant Indian citizenship to non-Muslims who fled religious persecution in Bangladesh, Pakista... [Read More]