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In a legal analysis of the human rights situation in Myanmar's Rakhine State, the Allard K. Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic at Yale Law School... [Read More]
Lisa Winchel, a Wisconsin high-school art teacher, and 11 students have created portraits of 12 children who fled violence in Myanmar and who currently live... [Read More]
Myanmar's army has killed 13 rebel fighters in the western Rakhine State, a military spokesman said on Friday, as government troops battle to contain a... [Read More]
Update, Bangladesh and Myanmar agreement) [Read More]
insurgents fighting for... [Read More]
The UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, arrives in Dhakaon Saturday to see the Rohingya situation in Coxs... [Read More]
MYANMAR-MILITARY/ (TV):Myanmar army kills 13 rebels in Rakhine clashes: military spokesman... [Read More]
For the past decade, Cambodia has had one of the best performing economies in the world as Europe happened to be one of the biggest... [Read More]
Foreign ministers of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations on Friday hewed to the group's practice of reaching the least provocative consensus possible in... [Read More]
Bloc says says big increase of imports of Indica rice from two countries caused financial damage to European producers. [Read More]
In recent months, countries such as Pakistan, Malaysia, Myanmar and Sierra Leone have either canceled or backed away from previously negotiated commitments to the Belt... [Read More]
Imports from the two nations had nearly doubled in the past five years, while prices declined. [Read More]
India's deporting of a number of Rohingya Muslims back to Myanmar has sparked sharp criticism from right activists. [Read More]
Those guilty of recruiting or deploying children are being demoted and sent to military or civilian prisons. [Read More]
At least one pair of newcomers said they left India out of fear of being deported to Myanmar. [Read More]
The Arakan Army denies that government soldiers captured one of its camps, calling the announcement 'fake news.'... [Read More]
Myanmar's military says the Arakan Army, a rebel group in the same region where the government conducted a brutal counterinsurgency campaign against the Muslim Rohingya... [Read More]
Calls for an 'identify and kill' movement against refugees are making people leave... [Read More]
LATE AT NIGHT Klo He Bin likes to don his biking jacket and take to the roads of Yangon on his Yamaha EasyRider. The other... [Read More]