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How do you follow up a career-high performance? If you're D'Marcus Purcell, you go back to the well.The Crestview junior scored 36 points Friday night... [Read More]
A kid who took a scooter from his neighbor's pickup truck on Christmas Eve was reprimanded by police.According to call history reports from the Niceville... [Read More]
A man called 911 after a bird flew into his house because he wanted police officers to come and remove it.Per call history reports from... [Read More]
Officers responding to a call of a car being at a gas pump for over an hour arrived to find a woman shooting up in... [Read More]
In November 1972, 1st Lt. Jack Harvey's fighter jet disappeared over the mountainous jungle of South Vietnam. His body has never been found. [Read More]
Okaloosa County Sheriff's officials have confirmed that first graders at Plew Elementary in Niceville found a loaded .40 caliber handgun on school grounds Friday, January... [Read More]
Since Steve DeMeo took over the NWF State program five years ago, the standard has remained the same."Play your best every day," the veteran coach... [Read More]
NWF State's first two league games exposed the parity in Panhandle Conference women's basketball.NWF State trailed by four points inside a minute to play at... [Read More]
First graders at Plew Elementary in Niceville found a loaded forty caliber handgun on school grounds today... [Read More]
Walton County Sheriff's Deputies and a K-9 unit responded to a Niceville school when students found a loaded gun on campus. [Read More]
A student at Ruckel Middle School in Niceville was arrested on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm by a minor and sending a threat,... [Read More]
Two separate 911 callers reporting people shooting ducks on two different days were informed by authorities about "duck season."The first person called police on Dec.... [Read More]
A man who told bystanders he was "running away from the cops" later told responding officers he was "just playing" and was told to go... [Read More]
A homeowner called 911 to report part of their Christmas decorations had been stolen just three days before Christmas.The person called dispatchers on Dec. 22... [Read More]
The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office has arrested a Ruckel Middle School student on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm by a minor and sending... [Read More]
A night that began with such promise ended with innumerable disappointed faces.Playing for a chance to advance to the regional championship round of the FHSAA's... [Read More]
Incident in Niceville went from the donut shop to Highway 85 to College Boulevard to Forest Road to Rocky Bayou. [Read More]
At some point the adversity will come for NWF State in Panhandle Conference play.Or maybe it won't, Steve DeMeo's crew destined for a life of... [Read More]
The defensive stops were always there for Bart Walker's crew.NWF State let Gulf Coast State live and die by the 3 Wednesday night, not allowing... [Read More]
The Chiles girls soccer team is 10-4-1 this year, having beaten Leon and Navarre, lost narrowly to Niceville and tied Lincoln in recent games. [Read More]