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When the sun comes up in Beijing on Oct. 1, the Chinese government will aim to celebrate its 70th birthday under a brilliant blue sky... [Read More]
CHINA-POLLUTION/ANNIVERSARY (PIX):Turning blue: China Inc holds breath as Beijing eyes smog-free skies for National Day... [Read More]
The state funeral for the late Prime Minister of Tonga is to be held on Thursday, with an accompanying public holiday and national day of... [Read More]
National Sober Day takes center stage Sept. 14 on the calendar of holidays. According to the National Day Calendar, the unofficial holiday encourages people to... [Read More]
On a breezy Saturday morning, a cluster of island residents and activists with their walking shoes on gathered around Opal Lee. The 92-year-old Fort Worth... [Read More]
Interested residents can join in this engaging service opportunity that honors the National Day of Service and Remembrance. [Read More]
Opal Lee, a 92-year-old champion of Juneteenth, will continue her walking campaign to raise awareness for Juneteenth to be declared as a National Day of... [Read More]
Almost 1000 supporters of Catalan independence tried to storm the regional parliament building in Barcelona on the National Day of Catalonia this Wednesday. [Read More]
Members of the AmeriCorps leadership team presented first responders with care packages as a way of saying thank you. [Read More]
Today is the National Day of Encouragement. Tim Ezell is in the newsroom to cheer on the workers on-air and those behind the scenes. He... [Read More]
As a way to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11, First Interstate Bank employees and AmeriCorps members spent Wednesday working on various community service projects in... [Read More]
"I am born on a very sad, tragic day, so I try to make this day special by helping other people," Thomas Howard said. [Read More]
The 9-11 memorial in the middle of the student center at Greenwich High School grew larger every minute as people dropped off food items. ... [Read More]
Stifel CEO Ron Kruszewski kicked off the first-ever Meal Pack for 9/11 Day in St. Louis. Stifel stepped up to sponsor the city's largest service... [Read More]
Today is Patriot Day — National Day of Service and Remembrance. [Read More]
Volunteers turned out across the tri-state on the 18th anniversary of 9/11, donating time, food and even blood. Gaby Acevedo reports. [Read More]
The National Cemetery Administration and Carry The Load partnered on a national day of service Wednesday, the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist... [Read More]
More than 2,000 volunteers from Carry The Load joined the National Cemetery Administration for a national day of service for 9/11. [Read More]
9/11 Day Meal Pack is a large-scale meal packing event held at Chaifetz Arena from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. as part of the 9/11... [Read More]
Patriot Day is a national day of remembering the attack on the U.S. of September 11, 2001. Presidential proclamations have also honored the spirit of... [Read More]