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Commissioner Roger Goodell's future with the NFL is in question as the National Anthem controversy continues to take its toll on the league.  Real Clear... [Read More]
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On Christmas Day in 2015, Sony Pictures released "Concussion," a movie in which Will Smith's character, a pathologist, discovers a degenerative brain disease plaguing National... [Read More]
Southern United have come from behind twice to secure a hard fought 2-2 draw against Auckland City in Dunedin. [Read More]
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Shame on National Football League players for not standing while the national anthem is played.They should be ashamed of themselves. Many of the men and... [Read More]
National Football League Roger Goodell this week told players they will not be penalized for sitting, kneeling or failing to stand when the national anthem... [Read More]
The lives of backup quarterbacks in the National Football League hinge on moral quandary. All of them long for the chance to play in an... [Read More]
I am ashamed to be called an American, after what I saw on television. How can these National Football League players show such disrespect for... [Read More]
Lately, there have been a lot of heated conversations related to the behavior of some of the members of the National Football League during a... [Read More]
It is axiomatic that National Football League players should stand respectfully as the national anthem is played before their games. I say this not as... [Read More]
CHRIS Long is providing a nice antidote to National Football League fans who may be tired of the ongoing controversy about players' displays during the... [Read More]
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Monday morning called President Donald Trump's comments over the weekend "just divisive." [Read More]
The National Football League has wisely chosen to take the course of least resistance to the players' protests during the national anthem - w…... [Read More]
The National Football League has been criticized for so much this year that you might have missed some of the fun that they put back... [Read More]
They give you 16 Sundays (or occasional Thursdays or Mondays) to prove yourself in the National Football League. But not all opportunities are of... [Read More]
As he continues to condemn National Football League (NFL) players for refusing to stand in respect when the National Anthem is played at games, President... [Read More]
President Donald Trump and Mike Pence are turning to their supporters to help them in their quest to prevent National Football League (NFL) players protesting... [Read More]
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