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The University of California, Santa Cruz has removed a bell that once marked the 18th century Roman Catholic missions in the area after Native American... [Read More]
A play about four female friends could be a little hard to follow, but that didn't keep spectators from enjoying it greatly. The play... [Read More]
QuickLink: Continuing public service: L.A. Times Interview with former CIA officer, 2020 congressional candidate Valerie Plame - Valerie Plame, Democrat running for... [Read More]
The University of California, Santa Cruz has taken down a cast-iron bell that memorialized Catholic missions in the state after a Native American group argued... [Read More]
"People realize that Native Americans are not relics of the past. We are still here," said Deb Haaland, American Politician. Deb Haaland was one of... [Read More]
The imagery on Massachusetts' state flag features a coat of arms designed nearly 240 years ago. While modified through the years, it still features a... [Read More]
If they can't win your vote, they'll buy your vote. Pocahontas Warren, the 1/1024th native American running for president, proposed a new way to buy... [Read More]
U.S. Rep. Debra Haaland said her portrait session with Bismarck ambrotypist Shane Balkowitsch was amazing, amazing, amazing. [Read More]
Joy Harjo's name has been in the news lately. On Wednesday, the Library of Congress named her the country's new poet laureate. She's the first... [Read More]
BEMIDJI—The Native American flute will take center stage this week with a free concert featuring award-winning performer Randy McGinnis and a flute making workshop.The concert... [Read More]
The US suicide rate is up 33% since 1999, but for Native American women and men, the increase is even greater: 139% and 71%, respectively,... [Read More]
Hundreds flocked to learn more about Native American culture on the first day of the Danville Numu Haakhana Intertribal Pow Wow at Hess Recreation Area... [Read More]
A highly regarded electrical and mechanical installations company that has been in Hamilton since 20... [Read More]
Follow... [Read More]
Native Americans like brigadier-general Stand Waite saw the federal government and its forced evictions as their real enemy. [Read More]
State Sen. Greg Walker, R-Columbus, will serve on several study committees and commissions this summer and fall preparing for the 2020 legislative session. Walker will... [Read More]
'My role as a poet is as a healer,' says Joy Harjo. 'Poetry is a healing force.'... [Read More]
 BOSTON — The imagery on Massachusetts' state flag features a coat of arms designed nearly 240 years ago. While modified through the years, it still features... [Read More]
There is a 19th-century ceremonial fan made from an eagle's wing and leather in the Native American Gallery at the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little... [Read More]
Artpark held its first Strawberry Moon Festival Saturday, June 22, 2019, a celebration of Native American culture featuring workshops, dance demonstrations, tra…... [Read More]