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The Butte Pre-Release Center reported Tara Lynn Anderpont as a walkaway Friday evening.Ankerpont, 31, is described as Native American, 5 feet, 11 inches tall, medium... [Read More]
"I just love doing it for people who don't know how to dance or cannot dance anymore." [Read More]
"Hearts of Our People" is the country's first ever exhibition devoted solely to the works of Native American women. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts assembled... [Read More]
More than half of American Indian and Alaska Native women have experienced sexual violence an 18-month investigation shows. [Read More]
Prosecutors have set a goal of 60 days to decide if Officer Craig Keller should be criminally charged for shooting Stonechild Chiefstick. [Read More]
A Native American tribe is planning a $100 million expansion of its western Michigan casino that will include adding new dining, entertainment and gaming space.... [Read More]
One of the most famous moments of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren's political career has been consigned to the dustbin of social media history,... [Read More]
Boston is known for its research universities, history, and of course, its delicious food. You can't leave Boston without stopping at Mike's Pastry or Modern... [Read More]
"There There," a novel by Native American author Tommy Orange set in contemporary Oakland, California is The Free Library of Philadelphia's next pick for the... [Read More]
In Tommy Orange's best-seller "There There," painful problems of culture and identity lurk in every alleyway. He'll be in Philadelphia in January to give an... [Read More]
The 2019 Major League Baseball World Series is edging closer, standing as a high-profile example of how today's game is comprised of players from various... [Read More]
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Unsilenced Science points out that the average college admission test scores for high school students self-identifying as American Indian have been in free fall in... [Read More]
Don't worry, Liz Warren, I won't forget. Ever. I don't know what computer glitch or nefarious hacker (some Trump-loving Russian, no doubt!) caused your Twitter... [Read More]
Oklahoma's history is so deeply intertwined with the 39 Native American tribes located there that the state's creation in 1907 was celebrated with a symbolic... [Read More]
Four local tribes are recognizing and honoring missing and murdered indigenous women. Wyandotte Nation will host a program Thursday evening called "Have You Seen Our... [Read More]
Wednesday on the NewsHour, President Trump defends his decision to remove U.S. troops from Syria as violence escalates, and the U.S. House votes overwhelmingly to... [Read More]
Otakuye Conroy-Ben earned the Technical Excellence Award from the American Indian Science and Engineering Society for her research and involvement with Native American communities. [Read More]
One year after Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., released the results of her DNA test that allege she did have Native American heritage, it appears she... [Read More]
Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has deleted an infamous, year-old post from her social media in which she boasted of a DNA test proving her... [Read More]