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Massachusetts Sen. [Read More]
Sen. Elizabeth Warren became the punchline for more "Pocahontas" jokes Tuesday after her high-profile DNA rollout backfired, angering Native Americans and rekindling questions about her... [Read More]
The Massachusetts Democrat, a likely presidential contender in 2020, released the test Monday in an attempt to neutralize attacks from President Donald Trump and other... [Read More]
The DNA test released by Sen. Elizabeth Warren has angered some Native Americans. They complain that the genetic analysis cheapens the identities of tribal members... [Read More]
No DNA samples from Native Americans in the U.S. were available for comparison. So scientists turned to South America. [Read More]
Rep. Markwayne Mullin said he is disgusted by Sen. Elizabeth Warren's efforts to prove she is part Native American. [Read More]
Native Americans have low participation rates in federal and state elections, but the problem doesn't lay with political passivism. [Read More]
The president fired off tweets referring to Native Americans as "being of Indian heritage," a term often considered pejorative. [Read More]
The president fired off tweets referring to Native Americans as "being of Indian heritage," a term often considered pejorative. [Read More]
  Elouise Cobell has been inducted into the Native American Hall Of Fame. Cobell is best known for being the lead plaintiff in the groundbreaking... [Read More]
The DNA test that Sen. Elizabeth Warren used to try to rebut the ridicule of President Donald Trump angered some Native Americans, who complained that... [Read More]
This senseless feud between Warren and Trump trivializes the struggle Native Americans face. [Read More]
Citizen of Cherokee Nation speaks out on 'The Ingraham Angle.'... [Read More]
The Supreme Court decides not to overturn a law in North Dakota requiring people to show a current street address on their ID in order... [Read More]
MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow devoted the first half of her show on Monday to examine the pattern of Republicans seeking to suppress the vote of... [Read More]
Today Senator Elizabeth Warren responded to Donald Trump's Pocahontas taunt by pacifying his ego.  Repeatedly on the campaign trail and his self-serving rallies Donald Trump... [Read More]
The senator's genetic analysis was sound, scientists said. But whether the senator may claim a cultural kinship with Native Americans is a very different question. [Read More]
Elizabeth Warren demonstrates the folly of identity politics. [Read More]
The Supreme Court has allowed the state to erect unreasonable barriers to voting by Native Americans. [Read More]
Observer readers comment on Saudi Arabia, climate change, the Lumbee Tribe, President Trump, Elizabeth Warren, Native Americans, Ruth Etzel, the Office of Children's Health Protection,... [Read More]