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MONTPELIER —A group of national cable and telecom organizations is expected to file suit against the state of Vermont today regarding a law passed in... [Read More]
The FCC has placed control over the internet into the hands of big cable oligopolies like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T, imparting a massive blow to... [Read More]
Millennials want a safe, open and accessible internet, but partisan bickering is getting in the way.        ... [Read More]
MONTPELIER, Vt. —Vermonters expect and deserve a government that will fight to preserve and protect a free and fair internet. And, the State of Vermont... [Read More]

Five industry groups representing major internet providers and cable companies filed suit on Thursday seeking to block a Vermont law barring companies that do not... [Read More]

Every hero has a nemesis. Tom had Jerry. Batman had the Joker. Politicians are no different. Basically every candidate who has ever run for office... [Read More]
Five cable industry organizations are suing the state of Vermont for a new law and executive order designed to ensure the state does not do... [Read More]
No surprise here, but ISPs have filed a brief in support of the FCC, one of many briefs filed this week with the U.S. Court... [Read More]
State law says ISPs must follow net neutrality to get government contracts. [Read More]
Science and tech think tank the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation has told a federal court that the FCC had strong justifications for reclassifying broadband... [Read More]
A coalition of industry groups representing internet service providers sued Vermont on Thursday in an effort to overturn its recently enacted net neutrality rules requiring... [Read More]
The investment argument was big ahead of the FCC's net neutrality repeal. [Read More]
Say, like California, state's rereg efforts are preempted... [Read More]
File amicus brief in defense of Restoring Internet Freedom... [Read More]
Helm is a startup making a $500 home gadget that replaces Gmail and Google Calendar, letting you control your own email and coordination; its founders... [Read More]
Marsha Blackburn and Phil Bredesen, the candidates for Tennessee's U.S. Senate seat, weigh in on the nation's debt, DACA, net neutrality and more.       ... [Read More]
Before you vote in the midterm elections this November, Zazie Beetz wants you to understand net neutrality. Director: Hailey Gates Fashion Editor: Anny Choi Filmed... [Read More]
The New York Attorney General's Office subpoenaed over a dozen different telecommunications lobbying groups on Tuesday to help determine whether they were behind an estimated... [Read More]
""Filtering Out the Bots: What Americans Actually Told the FCC about Net Neutrality Repeal" is a study completed by Ryan Singel—a Media and Strategy Fellow... [Read More]
New York's Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood has expanded the investigation into the tens of millions of fraudulent comments the FCC received during the public comment... [Read More]