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Remember the day you found out Google was steeped in pure evil? So you sought out a different browser to escape the evil overlords that run Chrome.... [Read More]
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Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, will have his Senate confirmation hearings next month. An exacting look at his judicial record is... [Read More]
AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon are taking advantage of the end of net neutrality to re-create the cable bundle in their internet contracts. [Read More]
Claims that the rollback of net neutrality regulations would lead to the destruction of the internet have proved to be baseless, Federal Communications Commission Chairman... [Read More]
In her final remarks as Massachusetts Senate President, Senator Harriette Chandler (D-Worcester) said that she never asked for the senate presidency. She called herself a... [Read More]
"There were many opportunities to talk about how the FCC misled the press and mistreated reporters. That should have been the story of this hearing,... [Read More]
Today, Montana Governor Steve Bullock visited Iowa speaking at the Iowa State Fair about several issues including health care, net neutrality and campaign finances. ... [Read More]
ISPs have argued that net neutrality protections for consumers were like a communist pillow smothering the free market joy big telecoms wanted to bring to... [Read More]
After a year of investigation, a truth that many news outlets and net neutrality advocates have been shouting about since 2017 has been proven. During... [Read More]
The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission told senators Thursday he waited several months before correcting his claim about a suspected cyberattack during his agency's... [Read More]
An inspector general determined last week the commission misattributed a commenting system outage during the net neutrality debate to a deliberate digit... [Read More]
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai testified before the Senate Oversight Committee on Thursday regarding his agency's faking a cyberattack as an excuse for website malfunctions. Pai... [Read More]
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai told a Senate committee Thursday that he relied on the agency's chief information officer in claiming that the FCC had suffered... [Read More]
The USA has continued to improve, moving from 12th to 6th in average internet speed since the repeal of Net Neutrality. The USA is now... [Read More]
The chairman stumbled through questions about the nonexistent attack on the net neutrality comment system during a Senate Commerce Committee hearing. [Read More]
Chairman Ajit Pai and other members of the Federal Communications Commission went before a congressional committee Thursday for the first time since an internal investigation... [Read More]
FCC chair Ajit Pai continued his net neutrality rule rollback defense on the Hill Thursday (Aug. 16), this time in a Senate Commerce Committee FCC... [Read More]
Senate postal hearing plans... [Read More]
Chairman Ajit Pai may be asked about commission's actions regarding issue known as "net neutrality" [Read More]