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FCC chair still can't offer proof that repeal will boost broadband access. [Read More]
It's illogical and misleading to make personal attacks on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai as a means of undermining his repeal of the agency's previous net... [Read More]
"Ryan Singel, Media and Strategy Fellow at Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society, explained that on a neutral net, service providers function as common... [Read More]
"The Wiener bill is more comprehensive than the others and would "match the level of protection" of the FCC's 2015 net neutrality rules, at least... [Read More]
"Barbara van Schewick, a law professor at Stanford University who specializes in internet regulation, doesn't believe the the FCC's pre-emption clause will hold water. According... [Read More]
In the wake of the latest Facebook data breach catastrophe, Josh Constantine rounds up more than a decade's worth of major catastrophes wrought by Facebook's... [Read More]
The American Cable Association has officially joined the court challenge of the FCC's network neutrality rule rollback, filing a motion to intervene in the case... [Read More]
Dozens of states are currently working on separate initiatives that all aim to protect net neutrality through legislation or executive orders. Those initiatives vary in... [Read More]
By W. Michael Gillette Last week the legislature passed House Bill 4155, which seeks to preserve net neutrality protections for the internet in Oregon. Undoubtedly,... [Read More]
HedRe: Beef Up Bus Service -- DART's ridership is falling with emphasis on trains, Sunday Editorials.I am an 18 year rider of DART. I take... [Read More]
While it's still not clear what internet service providers will do after Ajit Pai's FCC voted to repeal net neutrality rules, it's certain that many... [Read More]
The bills would prohibit internet companies from blocking or slowing down lawful websites, or giving preference to some websites over others. [Read More]
NCTA, CTIA, and USTelecom sign up to defend net neutrality repeal in court. [Read More]
Washington lawmaker: FCC can't preempt state laws "just because it says so." [Read More]
When a California-based activist posted the phrase #BlackLivesMatter on social media in 2013, she had no way of knowing her sentiment would launch one of... [Read More]
George H.W. Bush on Thursday shared his selections for the NCAA men's basketball tournament and invited a bit of friendly competition with fellow former president... [Read More]
A California Democratic state legislator is proposing revising consumer protection laws as a way to reinstate tough new network neutrality rules being rolled back by... [Read More]
As the long debate on "net neutrality" continues into its second decade, one thing has been clear: In a country built on free speech, America... [Read More]
FOSTA debate kicks off — Gates to huddle with Trump... [Read More]
A congressional effort pushed by big online companies to promote net neutrality through an obscure legislative tool ignores a simple truth: It will not permanently... [Read More]