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Gazans and Israel could have made peace before. Now, demographic and ecosystem issues add urgency. [Read More]
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced all security cabinet meetings will soon take place in a secure underground bunker in Jerusalem instead of the... [Read More]
'I'm happy enough with Netanyahu's careful statesmanship to betray the Bibi bashers – and today's all-or-nothing partisans – by cheering what's cheer-worthy.'... [Read More]
Mandelblit expressed a need to "evaluate the conflict of interest issues connected to members of the government who are currently under police investigation, and to... [Read More]
The step was sure to worsen the already troubled relations between the internationally backed Palestinian Authority and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government. [Read More]
On May 1, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented more than 100,000 documents that were obtained in February from an unnamed group who was spying... [Read More]
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quoted Mahmoud al-Zahar's admission, saying it vindicates Israel of allegations of targeting peaceful protesters. [Read More]
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday hailed the U.S. for imposing "tough sanctions" on Iran, saying that the new policy is one that all... [Read More]
WASHINGTON: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Pompeo had outlined a "very strong position" welcomed by Israel. Earlier Monday, Pompeo issued a steep list of demands... [Read More]
Israel should be careful about getting in too deep with an unpopular, highly partisan U.S. president. [Read More]
The country's president Horacio Cartes and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the move official during an inauguration ceremony Monday. [Read More]
The two-state solution died because Netanyahu and successive Israeli governments were determined to kill it, and those who could have prevented its demise lacked the... [Read More]
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the Iran nuclear deal was "a loser" with huge repercussions throughout the Middle East. [Read More]
We Israelis must face our part in the physical expulsion of Palestinians in 1948 and its symbolic weight for Palestinians today. It may bite, but... [Read More]
Israeli PM applauds Lewis as 'one of the great scholars of Islam and the Middle East,' while critics blame him for helping upend the region... [Read More]
Paraguayan President Cartes says moving embassy to Jerusalem 'is the right thing to do' ■ Netanyahu thanks Paraguay for helping Jews escape Nazi Germany –... [Read More]
Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid said that Netanyahu agreed to the plan to make Abu Dis the capital of the future Palestinian state. [Read More]
Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes inaugurated his country's Israel embassy in Jerusalem on Monday, making it the third nation to make the deeply controversial move after... [Read More]
From RNS: Those of us in the evangelical world who have on occasion publicly criticized the policies of the Benjamin Netanyahu government have been quickly... [Read More]
Bernard Lewis, a prolific Middle East scholar whose insights on Islam illuminated debates on the region's conflicts, has died. He was 101. Lewis died Saturday... [Read More]