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At Netroots Nation 2019, Vic Barrett, a young defendant in Juliana vs US, talks to Dharna Noor about why he's suing the federal government for... [Read More]
"The American Dream is still possible," 2020 presidential hopeful Julián Castro tells Daily Kos behind the scenes at Netroots Nation, "but we need to make... [Read More]
Justin Krebs, a campaign director with MoveOn, isn't interested in hearing pundits debate which 2020 Democratic candidate is the most "electable." "Because exactly... [Read More]
The radical fringe of the left came to Philadelphia last .07/17/2019 0:43:29AM EST. [Read More]
Only three days ago, Rep. Ilhan Omar made comments about America at the radical Netroots Nation conference that seem to conflict with the text of... [Read More]
The entrance arch to Netroots Nation. Good evening, Kibitzers! I usually accuse air travel of wearing me out, but maybe it's travel of... [Read More]
I had a wonderful interaction with Bernie's campaign last week that I wanted to share with you all.  I contacted it to... [Read More]
The Netroots Nation convention in Philadelphia showcased the far-left energy of the Democratic Party, but that enthusiasm was not for the party's presidential front-runner, Joseph... [Read More]
House Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) accused Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) on Tuesday of making "racist" remarks at a weekend event. [Read More]
Netroots Nation Debrief et. al Commentary by Chitown Kev As I write this NN19 debrief closer to deadline than... [Read More]
The far left Netroots Nation conference was held last weekend in Philadelphia. "The Squad" of radical freshmen representatives all spoke at this year's event. AOC,... [Read More]
The radical fringe of the Left came to Philadelphia last weekend to the annual "Netroots Nation" conference. If ever there were an event that was... [Read More]
Today, Daily Kos announced the debut of Making Progress, a new video series that includes behind-the-scenes interviews captured at Netroots Nation 2019, the country's biggest... [Read More]
Last week, hundreds of Netroots Nation attendees took to streets of Philadelphia in solidarity with the nurses and other staff of Hahnemann University Hospital to... [Read More]
T-shirts linking Zionism with racism sold at Netroots Nation conference... [Read More]
At this year's Netroots Nation conference in Philadelphia, PA, the members of the Daily Kos Elections team joined forces with our buddies at Sister District... [Read More]
Less than a day before the President of the United States told her to go back to Africa, Rep. Ilhan Omar declared that... [Read More]
Behind the scenes at Netroots Nation, the country's biggest progressive conference, Daily Kos met with nearly 30 activists, politicians, and progressive leaders, including four presidential hopefuls.... [Read More]
From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… I have nothing to say About Netroots Nation 2019. Except... » This was the... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders has plenty of assets for a long 2020 campaign, but he's exhibited some vulnerabilities as Elizabeth Warren's rapturous welcome at Netroots Nation,... [Read More]