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"A trio of data scientists developed a betting strategy to beat bookmakers at football games," writes austro. [The game Americans call soccer.] New... [Read More]
NOAASatellites/YouTube On September 20, the Category 4 hurricane named Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico. Thirty-four people died, and most of the island's 3.4... [Read More]
A new paper featuring in New Scientist shows how a trio of data scientists developed a betting strategy to beat bookmakers at football games.The researchers... [Read More]
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If you're reading this article in an open-plan office, chances are you won't get through even half of it without being disturbed. In a speech... [Read More]
We might seem less hirsute than other beasts, but we're not, and this extract from New Scientist's book How to be Human reveals why our... [Read More]
The conservation manager for the Mary Rose told New Scientist Live in London that the drying process has caused unwanted movement in the ship which... [Read More]
Dr Nicole Millard, who specialises in data, analytics and emerging technology at BT, made the claims at New Scientist Live, held in London. [Read More]
Al Worden attended a *New Scientist* event wearing one of the season's trending jackets—the space bomber—in a very right now way. [Read More]
now referred to as "unresponsive wakefulness" [Read More]
Helen Sharman, who was the first British astronaut in space, made the claim while speaking at the New Scientist Live festival in London this morning. [Read More]
The sponsorship by Shell and BAE Systems of this weekend's New Scientist Live festival crosses an ethical red line, writes Chris Garrard, a campaigner and... [Read More]
(New Scientist) Could chatbots lend a non-judgemental ear to people making decisions about the end of their life? A virtual agent that helps people have... [Read More]
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