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Among his constituents, the U.S. Senate's minority leader has his lowest approval rating since 2005. ... [Read More]
New Yorkers who live in areas along streams and rivers are urged to take precautions against potential ice jam flooding, the Governor's office said on... [Read More]
The CDC's most recent data estimates that opioids kill at least 36 New Yorkers every week, and politicians are slow to address the changing nature... [Read More]
On February 26, the Supreme Court will hear arguments for the case Janus v. AFSCME, which challenges the mandatory union fees paid by government workers... [Read More]
2 New Yorkers ranked 3rd in the country in 2016 election cycle... [Read More]
Good morning and happy President's Day! Let's celebrate the New Yorkers that made it to the Oval Office – and those that, well, didn't quite... [Read More]
Direct divestments and lawsuits that began on the West Coast are spreading, with New York being the latest city to pull its funding out of... [Read More]
A look at life in high-shelter NYC neighborhoods shows they often face a variety of challenges, like attacks, drug dealing and prostitution. [Read More]
Saving the world is a tall order, but that hasn't kept these New Yorkers from trying. They ditched their successful, well-paid careers to do something... [Read More]
A three-question survey has been pinging New Yorkers' cellphones, asking them to rate the job the NYPD is doing. But the pop quiz is costing... [Read More]
Sen. Chuck Schumer and Gov. Andrew Cuomo both took a slide and their sparring partner in the White House rose from the depths in polls... [Read More]
Given the sheer complexity of the matter, it would be flat-out wrong to say all New Yorkers will be hurt by the recently passed federal... [Read More]
The Riders Alliance launched a contest to let New Yorkers vent about their worst commute. [Read More]
The New York Power Authority will host public informational meetings in Canton, Massena and Harrisville concerning their plan to rebuild the Moses-Adirondack transmission lines. These... [Read More]
Feb. 13, 2018 Like many Western New Yorkers, Lawrence J. Aroneseno, known as Larry, faced a challenge when he was let go... [Read More]
The state has awarded more than $4 million to develop 10 24/7 open access centers to deliver immediate engagement, assessment and referral service options to... [Read More]
When the winner was declared, everyone was in tears. [Read More]
Central New Yorkers are getting excited for the annual CNY Boat Show, the largest selection of boats on display in Upstate New York. The Boat... [Read More]
NoHo's New Yorkers may be the luckiest in town right now when it comes to getting breakfast. [Read More]
Living Near Struggling Subways Still Costs Extra - New York City, NY - Renters can pay 8 percent more to live a two-minute walk from... [Read More]