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Some New Yorkers really, really, hate having large new buildings in their neighborhoods — or even medium-size ones. The past few weeks have seen a... [Read More]
New Yorkers will soon be able to enjoy truly ice-cold brews, if Gov. Cuomo signs a bill passed by the Assembly today. Beer and hard-cider... [Read More]
New York State is urging people who qualify to take advantage of the Home Energy Assistance Program, also known as HEAP, to help keep their... [Read More]
A group of people pretending to be with a nonprofit scammed needy New Yorkers. Marc Santia reports. [Read More]
According to the "Out of Reach" report released by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, the state of New York has the fourth highest "housing... [Read More]
New Yorkers with an opioid prescription may soon qualify to join the state's medical marijuana program. [Read More]
New Yorkers with an opioid prescription may soon qualify to join the state's medical marijuana program. State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker told reporters Monday that... [Read More]
New Yorkers! Tonight's Varsity Letters reading series, presented by Gelf Magazine, will feature Dave Zirin and Mike Pesca discussing their latest books. Details here. [Read More]
Getty This story, by Felipe De La Hoz, is from Documented, an independent and non-partisan newsroom covering immigration as it matters to New Yorkers. ... [Read More]
New Yorkers are preparing for near record-breaking weather on Monday as temperatures are predicted to be well into the 90s. The temperature could reach a... [Read More]
The last time it was this hot… Herber Hoover was in the White House. New Yorkers should get ready for a scorching high of 95... [Read More]
These sunscreen pills are mighty shady. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warned New Yorkers on Sunday to stay away from "dangerous" sunscreen pills and called... [Read More]
Governor Cuomo is urging New Yorkers to take precaution against the high temperatures today and Monday. [Read More]
NEW YORK — Expected temperatures in the 90s on Monday and excessive levels of ozone Sunday could both cause health issues for New Yorkers, officials warned.... [Read More]
A revolution is brewing. The number of craft breweries in the five boroughs has exploded 413 percent over the last five years, with 41 today... [Read More]
New York's straphangers are now turning to their smartphones to get around town, a new state study says. Train and bus ridership is down, while... [Read More]
Would Financial Transaction Tax Drive Jobs and Tax Revenue From New York? New York, New York - US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand floated an idea for a... [Read More]
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is stepping up his attacks on cable giant Charter Communications, alleging Friday it has "abused the people of the state" and even... [Read More]
A bill to extend single-payer health coverage to all residents of St. Lawrence County and the rest of New York state today passed the Assembly,... [Read More]