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Mayor Bell has ordered the 52-foot Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument to be covered in Linn Park. ... [Read More]
The Trump administration has set new conditions for law enforcement to follow in order to qualify for grants. [Read More]
NASA says it is mostly safe to take photos of the eclipse with a smartphone, but take these precautions. [Read More]
Parents: Get kids outside to improve their eye health ... [Read More]
A candlelight vigil was held Sunday evening in Biloxi in memory of those killed during weekend protests in Charlottesville, Va. [Read More]
Author Benjamin Raymond talks about new book, mentoring youth... [Read More]
As students head back to the classroom, a new non-profit program is helping teach kids about the importance of healthy eating and staying active. [Read More]
The Fort Wayne Police Department is investigation the abduction of a 2-year-old girl from Fort Wayne. [Read More]
Walmart is apologizing for a display at one of its Evansville locations. [Read More]
Prosecutors have released camera footage of a Lowcountry police officer being shot by a suspect. [Read More]
Getting to the game: Browns vs. Saints... [Read More]
A man was nailed to a tree, conscious, slumping, and groaning in pain.   ... [Read More]
Police said they received reports that a child was in a van in the parking lot of Little Miracles Academy on Monday night. [Read More]
When one local teen saw a need, he did something about it, creating a 24/7 food pantry called a "Blessing Box." [Read More]
The regulatory board in charge of funeral homes fined a Memphis funeral home for not taking the necessary precautions when reusing a casket for multiple... [Read More]
A Middletown man is accused of using candy to lure a 10-year-old girl to his home where he's then accused of raping her. ... [Read More]
On Saturday there was another sighting of "Pinky," the rare albino dolphin sometimes spotted in Cameron Parish. And maybe there's more than one "Pinky" swimming around... [Read More]
When this school officer's polygraph test showed a disturbing sexual history, authorities ended up busting him for child pornography. [Read More]
Showing pictures from before, during, and after the 2016 accident that killed trooper Kenneth Velez, an accident reconstructionist with the Ohio State Highway Patrol told... [Read More]
Thirty-six residents of Georgia, Florida and California  have been charged with conspiring to traffic large amounts of drugs -methamphetamine, cocaine and others - in South... [Read More]