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Police are calling for felony murder charges against the suspects. [Read More]
A Canton police officer who grew up not having a good relationship with police is working hard to connect with kids all over the city. [Read More]
Setting the record straight on Sunscreen! [Read More]
A female was stabbed at the Speedway gas station Monday night in the Portland neighborhood. [Read More]
Bicycle graveyard spurs partnership between police, church group... [Read More]
The women wanted to keep their dog close so they asked that a veterinary hospital have him cremated. [Read More]
Robert Tuttle, former ambassador to the United Kingdom, endorsed Trump's choice of Woody Johnson for UK ambassador. [Read More]
A CNN sketch artist drew images of a White House press briefing because at some of the events cameras are being prohibited. [Read More]
An East Alabama man has been robbed and shot while on vacation in the Caribbean. ... [Read More]
The wife of a Marine veteran almost taken out by a hit-skip driver spoke to Cleveland 19 this week. [Read More]
The Aviation Academy, sponsored by the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, helps teens learn about aviation careers from pilots to traffic controllers. [Read More]
Teen drivers and parents can learn everything they need to know about being safe on the roads at the second annual Teen Driving Roadeo. [Read More]
During a search for a missing woman on Wednesday, police discovered two badly decomposed bodies inside of a Parma Heights home. [Read More]
'Spirit Ride' promotes roadside assistance safety... [Read More]
Murder suspect accused of killing 5 people to appear in Cuyahoga County courtroom... [Read More]
The dog's owner, told police he was shopping for about 30 minutes and "didn't want to waste gas" to keep the puppy cool. He was arrested... [Read More]
A woman freaks out after she picks up a snake by mistake. [Read More]
He had the kids on Father's Day and was supposed to drop them back at their mother's home Sunday night. [Read More]
Bullying caused a high school student to choose to study alone with a private tutor and to graduate alone. [Read More]
The Cleveland Browns announced defensive end Myles Garrett has been diagnosed with a lateral foot sprain. [Read More]