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It seems only fitting for a columnist who draws significant inspiration from behavioural economics to acknowledge the profession's newest Nobel prize winner. Th... [Read More]
In December, the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology will be awarded for the identification of genes that control the inner clock. The honoured academics... [Read More]
Nobel Prize recipient Dr. Dan Shechtman visited the Air Force Research Laboratory Nov. 8, imparting... [Read More]
HOLY JESTER: THE SAINT FRANCIS FABLES By Dario Fo Opus, $38.95, 160 pages Dario Fo, who died in 2016 at the age... [Read More]
The nature of conflict has evolved greatly in the 60 years since Lester B. Pearson was awarded the Nobel Prize. [Read More]
"Once you start thinking about growth", Nobel prize-winning economist Robert Lucas said, "it's hard to think about anything else. [Read More]
Joseph Stiglitz told The Guardian that Trump is a "fascist kind of figure" [Read More]
The Swedish Academy of Science gave the Nobel Prize to three American scientists: Rainer Weiss, Barry Barish and Kip Thorne who succeeded in detecting the... [Read More]
Adaptive Asset Allocation (AAA) is based on the Nobel Prize winning portfolio theory of Markowitz (1952). AAA combines asset's momentum, volatilities, and cross... [Read More]
The Nobel prize-winning economist on the threat from the US president, fairer globalisation — and whether Bernie Sanders would have won... [Read More]
The recent eviction/ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar is all the more disgraceful and shameless because of the silence of Aung San Suu... [Read More]
How many Muslim terror groups or individuals can you name? Now can you name 5 Muslim Nobel Peace prize winners? Why do we struggle with... [Read More]
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- Nobel Prize recipient Dr. Dan Shechtman visited the Air Force Research Laboratory on November 8, 2017, imparting his research,... [Read More]
Inspired by a biography of Marie Curie as a child, the daughter of Polish immigrants to the US conducted pioneering work on everything from anticarcinogens... [Read More]
Here's an interview on CNBC from this morning, wherein Robert Shiller argues that passive investing is a dangerous form of freeloading. Now, I'm no Nobel... [Read More]
Tony Birch has become the first indigenous writer to win the Patrick White Literary Award, set up by White with the proceeds from his 1973... [Read More]
Butler was nominated by Dr. John C. Mather, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics and Science Director of the National Academy of Future Scientists... [Read More]
She and her husband also worked on the Manhattan Project, the government effort during the Second World War to develop an atomic bomb... [Read More]
Home Depot raises the roof. Buffalo Wild Wings sizzles. And a Nobel Prize-winning economist warns about the perils of passive investing. Bill Mann and Matt... [Read More]
Jeffrey Hall, a newly minted Nobel laureate who retired to rural Maine, said he already wasn't planning to go to either the symposium or to... [Read More]