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Crystallographer who won a Nobel prize for 3D imaging of viruses. [Read More]
An extravagant banquet, hosted at Stockholm's City Hall in honor of this year's Nobel prize winners, produced an unlikely nugget of comedy gold after a... [Read More]
His Nobel Prize is an opportunity for the public to learn what really goes on inside the buildings on the campus, in this college town,... [Read More]
Iraqi activist Nadia Murad met her country's president in Baghdad on Wednesday after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for her advocacy on behalf of victims... [Read More]
This year's Nobel Laureates were welcomed for the annual dinner at the Royal Palace in Stockholm following the awards ceremony yesterday. [Read More]
Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times opinion contributor Paul Krugman tweeted Monday that the United States had joined Russia and Saudi Arabia in a... [Read More]
Winning a Nobel Prize changed nearly everything about Donna Strickland's professional life except the principles that helped shape it in the first place. [Read More]
Paul Romer had a doubly big day: he was married to Caroline Weber in the morning and then accepted a Nobel Prize in the evening. [Read More]
University of Waterloo professor Donna Strickland has watched enrolment in her courses double, landed a promotion at work and begun scheduling global lectures in the... [Read More]
Sweden's Princess Sofia, 34 and Canadian physics laureate Donna Strickland, 59, wore almost identical red designer floor-length gown to the Noble Prize banquet in Stockholm yesterday. [Read More]
Crown Princess Victoria attended the Nobel Prize awards wearing a stunning strapless color-block dress and the Connaught Tiara – both pieces honoring her mother... [Read More]
Dr. Frances H. Arnold, formerly funded by ONR, received the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, the first American woman to win the chemistry award. [Read More]
Tasuku Honjo, a distinguished professor at Kyoto University, received an award diploma and medal for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine from King Carl... [Read More]
PRINCESS VICTORIA of Sweden and her sister-in-law Princess Sofia of Sweden donned tiaras and elegant gowns for a prestigious Nobel Prize event last night. [Read More]
Nadia Murad, a human rights activist from the Yazidi community of Iraq, delivers a moving speech at the Nobel Prize 2018, where she urges the... [Read More]
IONTAS Limited (IONTAS), a leader in the discovery and optimisation of fully human antibodies, announced its Founder and Chief Executive Officer, John... [Read More]
Dennis Mukwege , a doctor from DR Congo, demands justice and the end of violence for rape victims in his country. - Subscribe to our... [Read More]
Princess Victoria of Sweden, 41, wore a spectacular Nina Ricci gown for the Nobel Prize ceremony, in Stockholm, which was previously seen on Queen Silvia... [Read More]
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has paid a poignant tribute to her mother Queen Silvia by re-wearing one of her most iconic gowns – see... [Read More]
Stanford University mathematics professor Akshay Venkatesh was awarded the Fields Medal, regarded by many as the Nobel Prize of mathematics at the 2018 International Congress... [Read More]