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Add my name to the growing list of those wishing to keep the cartoon 'Non Sequitur' in your stable of rational comedic commentary. As an... [Read More]
Please! The idea of discontinuing the Wiley Miller comic strip because of his one slip (which I never saw) may seem like a proper punishment... [Read More]
Please don't stop running one of the best cartoons in the newspaper. It is definitely far above "Rose is Rose" and "Mutts". Keeping Non Sequitur... [Read More]
The Tribune was quite right to banish "Non Sequitur" from the Sunday comics. For the cartoonist to include a coarse insult to our president was... [Read More]
I am writing to express my dismay at your terminating the comic strip, "Non Sequitur." For one thing, you are replacing it with … "Garfield"?... [Read More]
Regarding the notice in the Sunday Herald that the cartoon, "Non Sequitur" by Wiley Miller, was being scribbled out of the paper because it insulted... [Read More]
Readers debate canceling Non Sequitur. [Read More]
Thank you for giving consequences to David Wiley Miller's actions in his "Non Sequitur" strip. Bad taste (and crude words) are never acceptable in a... [Read More]
I want to throw my thank you in, about the cartoon ("Why we've axed the 'Non Sequitur' strip," Times-Standard, Feb. 17, Page A4). I support... [Read More]
The Oregonian runs the daily strip and did not run the offending Sunday comic. Nevertheless, The Oregonian plans to discontinue publishing the strip. [Read More]
Recent letter to the Editor "if you have $1 billion invested in the stock market you do not have to pay a penny on that... [Read More]
Orlando Sentinel react to our decision to cancel the comic strip Non Sequitur in wake of vulgar language in recent cartoon. [Read More]
Thank you for cancelling "Non Sequitur." We acknowledge that you faced a difficult decision. The political and personal rhetoric in our culture has reached crescendo... [Read More]
I can understand editor Marc Valles' concern about the F-word appearing in Wiley Miller's "Non Sequitur" comic one Sunday ago, but I think he's overreacting... [Read More]
I would like to comment on the decision to stop printing the comic, "Non Sequitur." I only glanced at the Feb. 10 strip, so I... [Read More]
On February 17, the Star's Editor informed us she is dropping a popular Comic strip due to an offensive word slipping in. This seems a... [Read More]
The decision to drop "Non Sequitur" expressed by Jill Jorden Spitz is a knee-jerk reaction. This comic strip is one of the better ones in... [Read More]
Please do no discontinue the Non-Sequitur comic from the newspaper. It is one of a very few intelligent comics in your paper. We could easily... [Read More]
I want to thank you for making me look back to the February 10 Non Sequitur comic strip to find the "vulgar" word you said... [Read More]
I understand editor Jill Jorden Spitz's need to respond to a "vulgarity" included in the Feb 10 Non Sequitur. However, dropping the strip altogether is... [Read More]