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North Korean defectors experience alienation in South Korea because of the sharp contrast between the two societies, a prison camp survivor says. [Read More]
Korean reunification would put a vibrant free market democracy right on China's doorstep... [Read More]
Japan says it will deport six of the 10 North Korean "fishermen" rescued from a tiny wooden boat drifting off northern Japan but will hold... [Read More]
A North Korea defector described horrifying experiences of forcibly repatriated women and revealed how she was forced to have an abortion after she was sent... [Read More]

A Chinese county bordering North Korea is preparing for an influx of refugees, according to what appears to be a leaked document cited by the... [Read More]

A Chinese county bordering North Korea is preparing for an influx of refugees, according to a leaked document cited by the New York Times... [Read More]
Rodman, who has visited North Korea five times since 2013, has in recent days visited Tokyo and Guam, a tiny Western Pacific island that contains... [Read More]
Former NBA star Dennis Rodman said he wants to drink wine with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in order for the escalating tensions between them... [Read More]
Charles Jenkins, a US Army deserter who spent four decades in communist North Korea and married a Japanese woman abducted by Pyongyang, has died at... [Read More]
Charles Jenkins was among four US defectors in the 1960s who later became North Korean film stars. [Read More]
"You'll see me talking to him, and sitting down and having dinner, a glass of wine, laughing and doing my thing," Rodman said of North... [Read More]
United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley held a meeting on the human rights situation in North Korea where one defector spoke about... [Read More]
China is constructing refugee camps along the North Korea border for defectors in case Kim Jong Un's regime implodes, according to a leaked Chinese government... [Read More]
So I piled mistake upon mistake last week - woke up before noon, decided to drive somewhere, got stuck in traffic and kept listening to... [Read More]
The American medic who helped save a North Korean soldier thought the defector would be dead shortly after he was rescued. Sgt. 1st Class Gopal... [Read More]
A leaked document reportedly showed China's telecommunications company checking internet service for the five sites. [Read More]
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un could be planning his next missile launch, experts have said. Kim visited Korea's most mystical mountain, Mount Paektu, on Friday, and this... [Read More]
An indigenous anti-ballistic missile system and imported radar appear to have survived a South Korean defense ministry review. [Read More]
This side event will shed light on the DPRK's gross human rights violations committed against North Korean asylum seekers, particularly women, as they are forcibly... [Read More]
The entire infrastructure of the United States…the power grid, the shipping and transportation, the financial networks, and everyone's daily "treadmills" would... [Read More]