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A tragic accident 25 years ago nearly claimed one woman's ability to walk and took the lives of her two teammates at Notre Dame. Now,... [Read More]
One woman is walking the Notre Dame Trail in memory of her Notre Dame women's swimming teammates who died in 1992 when the team's bus... [Read More]
175 years ago Father Edward Sorin traveled more than 300 miles from Vincennes, in southern Indiana, to Notre Dame.That journey was instrumental in starting... [Read More]
After a South Bend sendoff and a long bus ride, the 32 pilgrims took the first steps of their two week, 300+ mile journey alongside... [Read More]
'Pilgrims' will head north Monday morning... [Read More]
They will celebrate the journey that the Rev. Edward Sorin made 175 years ago... [Read More]
The journey re-traces the steps that Father Edward Sorin and his Holy Cross Brothers took in 1842 before founding the university. [Read More]
The two-week walk will trace the steps of Father Edward Sorin from Vincennes to Notre Dame... [Read More]
Notre Dame News gathers and disseminates information that enhances understanding of the University's academic and research mission and its accomplishments as a Catholic institute of... [Read More]