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So now we know what would happen if a sudden storm blew up, seemingly out of nowhere, with relatively little notice, and blew through like... [Read More]
The southeast flank of Mount Etna in Sicily is sliding towards the sea at a rate of several centimetres a year. This might not sound... [Read More]
Remember Brian Kemp? He's Georgia's Peachy Secretary of State who is running on the Republican ticket for Governor. He ran that adorable ad of him... [Read More]
When Allegan County health officials announced weeks ago that over 16 private wells in the area tested positive for low levels of the cancerous contaminant... [Read More]
Princess Eugenie's wedding day is almost here and now we know more of the details. Keri Lumm reports. [Read More]
Now we know just who's behind two crucial figures in The Witcher television series. Netflix has confirmed the actors who will bring Ciri and Yennefer... [Read More]
It's fashion's biggest night of the year, and now we know the inspiration behind what the stars will be wearing to next year's Met Gala. [Read More]
Microsoft's Surface headphones were by far the biggest surprise to come out of the company's big launch event last week, but the company didn't tell... [Read More]
Vice President Mike Pence made headlines last year when he abruptly left an NFL game in Indianapolis after several players kneeled during the national anthem,... [Read More]
Paperwork filed with the state also details which positions will be cut. [Read More]
ANIMAL Crossing is a popular Nintendo series – and now we know it's coming to Switch. [Read More]
Now we know why Donald Trump didn't want to release his taxes. It wasn't to hide the money he had, but to hide the money... [Read More]
Kyle Murray was benched for Oklahoma's first series on Saturday against Baylor, and now we know what happened. Murray was late to a team practice... [Read More]
So, at least now we know that on the list of most vile institutions, Georgetown is somewhere below Twitter. [Read More]
Microsoft's new Cloud Clipboard feature will soon be coming to devices that run more than just Windows. Starting with the Windows 10 October 2018... [Read More]
The new MacBook Pro and iMac Pro models contain a special T2 chip for advanced security features, but now we know that there's a downside:... [Read More]
So now we know why the makers of​ Game of Thrones chose to give us a week off between this episode and the last –... [Read More]
Well, now we know… how much Uncle's persecution of VW is costing us – on top of the billions it has already cost Volkswagen. Are you ready, Freddie?... [Read More]
Daredevil's third season will not feature any crossovers from The Defenders and now we know why. [Read More]
Inherited wealth? That's a rich guy's idea of a rich guy. [Read More]