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Not only has Jill Lofald spent the last nearly 40 years in the Duluth public schools as a teacher, she also has been a coach... [Read More]
"Me too." [Read More]
At times, it can be easy to confuse wants and needs. Many of us wrestle with this distinction every time we compare the actual value... [Read More]
Aprils and Octobers are distant relatives (calendar-wise, at least), but share common traits. [Read More]
Local high school students have announced their intentions to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem on Friday evening at Midland Community... [Read More]
Shares of Nike Inc. ... [Read More]
Grand Forks Herald Herald editorial board So much is happening in the world of unmanned aerial systems, and so much of it is happening... [Read More]
This is a time of transition and growth for Vancouver Public Schools, a situation that calls for a steady hand on the district's board of... [Read More]
We suppose that those inclined to give President Trump the benefit of the doubt on health care reform could say his recent executive pronouncements are... [Read More]
OK, so it's a longshot.Online shopping giant Amazon is looking to build a second headquarters and has put out a public call for cities and regional economic... [Read More]
If they would listen to the voters, state officials would stop trying to kill ranked-choice voting. [Read More]
Read Our view: Gearhart should vote 'no' on repealing vacation rental rules from The Daily Astorian... [Read More]
Some disasters develop suddenly. Forest fires spread after a lightning strike. A hurricane arrives right on the heels of the previous one. Gunshots ring out.... [Read More]
There are only three home games left, too, for the administration to rectify a saddening situation — the fact that Dixieland Delight is no longer... [Read More]
Richard Spencer, the leader of the neo-white-supremacist movement, will speak Thursday at the University of Florida, which has prompted the state's governor to declare a... [Read More]
One of the many things affecting the health of Owasco Lake is the fact that sediment and nutrients can easily make their way onto the... [Read More]
For the second year running, Forsyth County's infant mortality rate has risen, breaking a previous long-term trend of falling. This is disheartening, especially in a... [Read More]
Our community is where they have the big rodeo, the Chinese parade, the huge Sikh Parade ... It takes just a little while before a... [Read More]
The death toll from the Northern California wildfires earlier this week was 41, and is expected to increase. Dozens of people are missing. The Griffith... [Read More]
Our View: Not all new construction is created equal, just as all school buildings are not equal. [Read More]