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While still relatively fresh in his role as president of the University of Minnesota, Eric Kaler joined UMD officials in lobbying hard for a new... [Read More]
Affordable Care Act is dodging a public execution, but the health law will die anyway: Our view        ... [Read More]
Summertime ... and the driving is, well, anything but easy. It seems no matter where you drive these days there's road construction. From the major... [Read More]
Grand Forks Herald Herald editorial board In November, Grand Forks voters approved — and by surprising margin — a new sales tax that added... [Read More]
Longtime Whitman County Auditor Eunice Coker is once again in the news - although this time it is not for an election snafu.Throughout the years,... [Read More]
Ummm ... this hasn't been the greatest season ever for the Gold Sox. ... [Read More]
Our congratulations to the 15 latest graduates of the Winston-Salem Fire Department's fire training program who are taking on the task of keeping our homes,... [Read More]
Watch out for each other. Be courteous and generous. Offer to let others go ahead.Good advice for living life in general, those gentle urgings also... [Read More]
Grand Forks Herald An interesting study links the existence of newspapers in a community with government spending. To the researchers, it shows how newspapers actually... [Read More]
Why it matters: Facial recognition and other forms of artificial intelligence figure to sharply increase the capabilities of the surveillance state. [Read More]
Why it matters: Different approaches, from permanent easements to incentives for conservation practices, are needed to protect water quality and wildlife habitat. [Read More]
Former Idaho Supreme Court Justice Robert Huntley is a passionate advocate for education in Idaho and has been for years.In May, Huntley filed a lawsuit... [Read More]
The American president seems to accept Putin's denials about a cyber assault on American democracy: Our View        ... [Read More]
We've tried Tesla Autopilot, Cadillac Super Cruise, and Mercedes Drive Pilot. Each has its own pros and cons. Super Cruise is, in our view, worth... [Read More]
CHEERS to the Mitchell Athletic Booster Club for changing up its membership benefits system.Rather than having access only to a set number of events spread... [Read More]
The 'new strategy' unveiled by AG Sessions is the same approach that has failed in the past. [Read More]
GE's problems are the fault of Jeff Immelt, but also of Jack Welch: Our view        ... [Read More]
Obeying the law on Medicaid expansion should not be a choice for the governor of Maine. [Read More]
A pedestrian being struck by a vehicle in Boone and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries July 11 comes as the most recent... [Read More]
Why it matters: Imposition of Chinese tariffs on U.S. pork and soybeans will have negative impacts on prices and farm income. [Read More]