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It occurred to me recently — for the first of what will likely be many occasions — that life is coming full circle... [Read More]
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Ernie Cowan's weekly Outdoors column... [Read More]
Just a few weeks ago in December, Federal Premium announced the all-new 224 Valkyrie, and it's been getting a lot of attention, even though it's... [Read More]
Jim Unmacht, Executive Director of Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation (azsfwc), in writing about the ballot initiative put together and promoted by the Humane Society... [Read More]
Minnesota's winter has finally arrived, and, like days of old, it blew in on an indomitable Saskatchewan Screamer, locking our area in an arctic embrace. [Read More]
The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources seems to be getting creative in its attempt to attract new anglers. [Read More]