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'We're not going to throw people out in the street'... [Read More]
'Ours is exactly what you want to model going forward'... [Read More]
Ohio governor tells "Face the Nation" some conservatives may force party to grapple with "political impossibility" of repeal without replace... [Read More]
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We begin with a newsbreak: A new group of refugees is now fleeing the tumult of their villages and cities back home, seeking security and... [Read More]
A meeting Friday afternoon between President Donald Trump and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, his former rival in the GOP primaries, had no set agenda. But... [Read More]
If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, Melissa McConville says she may choose to go without health insurance. But she will make sure her two... [Read More]
Republican leaders are betting that the only way for Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act is to set a bill in motion and gamble... [Read More]
'We're not going to let it happen," vowed Gov. Cuomo at last week's 1199SEIU rally to oppose repeal of the Affordable Care Act. But what... [Read More]
Rep. Cheney Sees Risk Of Health Care System Collapsing ... [Read More]
John Boehner: GOP Won't Repeal Obamacare, Yet Make It Conservative ... [Read More]
Hundreds rallied at the Huntington Universalist Unitarian Church, under the aegis of Long Island Activists, to strategize how to save Obamacare from Republicans who are... [Read More]
Starting Wednesday, the day after President Trump addresses Congress for the first time, there's a two-day event in Washington alien to the politics we've come... [Read More]
Republicans in Congress take the lead on details as the administration debates internally how far and fast to go. [Read More]

Congress returns from recess Monday to tackle an ambitious agenda to replace Obamacare, lower taxes, fund a Southwest border wall, boost military spending and approve... [Read More]

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It's been a tense few days for some members of Congress as they wrap up a week-long recess.For some, that's because they've held town-hall meetings... [Read More]
The Affordable Care Act bars insurers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. [Read More]
Republicans made repeal of ObamaCare a huge issue in 2014 and in 2016, but now that they have both houses of Congress and the White... [Read More]
With congressional Republicans working to end Obamacare, California will consider going it alone and instituting a statewide single-payer health insurance system. State Sen. Ricardo Lara... [Read More]