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'Hereditary' has earned $35 million in 17 days. [Read More]
Box office The top earning movies at the domestic box office last weekend: 1. "Incredibles 2," Disney, $182,687,905 2. "Ocean's 8 ... [Read More]
While there is an air of anticipation around with film buffs awaiting the release of the Ocean's 8, Indians can also look forward to a... [Read More]
Representation matters in movie criticism. But not so critics can "support" films. What do film critics even do? The cast of Ocean's 8 seems to... [Read More]
Naija! On Monday night in Lagos, Nigeria, "Nollywood" celebrities showed up and showed out for the Ocean's 8 Nigerian premiere. [Read More]
And more fun facts about the real Cartier piece. [Read More]
"Ocean's 8" star Awkwafina, Tzi Ma, and Diana Lin are starring in Lulu Wang's untitled family movie, which shoots this summer in New Work and... [Read More]
The "Ocean's 8" actress says Ryan Murphy helped her face her own prejudice. [Read More]
Ocean's 8 review: This fourth part of the Ocean's franchise moves at a glacial pace, something none of its amazing stars could help. [Read More]
Try though it might, "Ocean's 8" isn't as flashy, stylish and amusing as "Ocean's Eleven," Press-Republican movie reviewer Steve Ouellette writes. [Read More]
How do you pull off the biggest heist of the summer — and do it in style? That's no problem if you're criminal mastermind Debbie... [Read More]
The main selling point of the movie is the dynamics of its female characters. Crime heist movies with eight female protagonists are not common, even... [Read More]
Hollywood star Sarah Paulson has revealed that making 'Ocean's 8' was like attending the "greatest dinner gathering of all time". [Read More]
Movies Twin County Cinema III, Galax, (276) 236-7469, • Incredibles 2 (PG) • TAG (2018) (R) • Ocean's 8 (PG-13) Music... [Read More]
Movies Twin County Cinema III, Galax, (276) 236-7469, • Ocean's 8 (PG-13) • Book Club (PG-13) • Solo: A Star Wars Story (PG-13) Music... [Read More]
The official trailer for Ocean's 8. [Read More]
At a politely set table in an empty ballroom at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Sandra Bullock is blithely wisecracking like a badass street kid as... [Read More]
The crazy thing is, I've been looking forward to this film for months, ever since word of its release date, then the trailers. I've been... [Read More]
The "Ocean's 8" actress said she was "really, really scared" when the "brave people" first spoke out against Weinstein. [Read More]
Mindy Kaling's career has only continued skyrocketing since she finished her stint writing for and co-starring in 'The Office.' From her eponymous TV show to... [Read More]