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It is hard for me to believe the "new" library in Montrose is 20 years old. Our current building officially opened on June 5, 1998.... [Read More]
Parinda Phokan and Wanchana Poruangrong set the early pace at the PTT Thailand LPGA Masters yesterday as the Thai pair opened with a six-under-par 66... [Read More]
After delays due to Hurricane Florence, the Davidson County Fair held its opening day Wednesday afternoon. Ten percent of the revenue from ticket sales Wednesday will... [Read More]
As the regular season comes to an end and fans start to think about the offseason, we're taking a close look at some of the... [Read More]
Fishermen of all ages showed up this Friday for the opening day of the 2012 Lake Junior trout season in hopes of a great day... [Read More]
If anyone doubted just how good the high school football talent pool is in South Florida, doubt no more. That after the NFL recently released... [Read More]
In true Bavarian tradition, Hofbrauhaus St. Petersburg will host its annual Oktoberfest starting Saturday, Sept. 22, which is also the opening day of Munich's festival.... [Read More]
More sports News: Five national records were broken, including two by Kerala swimmer Sajan Prakash, on the opening day of the 72nd Senior National Aquatic... [Read More]
Five new records set on opening day... [Read More]
It remains to be seen if F Mathieu Joseph will make the Lightning's roster. If he doesn't, it certainly won't be because of a lack... [Read More]
It usually rains enough right before dove season to fill ponds and puddles and scatter the doves. Occasionally, a hurricane in the Gulf comes ashore... [Read More]
It was opening day Tuesday for the 84th annual North Alabama State Fair and there was plenty to keep everyone entertained. [Read More]
The Maccabi Masters League kicked off on Sunday with two of those bidding to become champions meeting each other. [Read More]
For 12 straight days, beginning Wednesday, it's going to be a party at the Kern County Fair Grounds. 17's Lori Lizarraga takes you there, as... [Read More]
Tuesday marked the opening day of attorney Greg Wilson's trial. He is accused of introducing contraband into the Bay County Jail last year. [Read More]
Premier Division champions back to winning ways, while inter-club Faithfold match sees B's put seven goals past its C team... [Read More]
SFASU celebrated its 95 years of history with an event that dates all the way back to SFA's opening day - birthday cake - along... [Read More]
Law enforcement officers described losing contact with Rusk County sheriff's Deputy Dan Glaze the night of Oct. 29, 2016, and their frantic efforts to reach... [Read More]
A pair of unenviable themes continued for PSG and Tottenham, while Liverpool and Inter Milan enjoyed late wins, Lionel Messi's hat trick sparked Barcelona and... [Read More]
A coffee and donut vendor could earn a tidy profit Saturday between 1 and 4 a.m. in the parking area of the Ladd Marsh Wildlife... [Read More]