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who was sentenced to 15 years hard labour for allegedly stealing a political poster while visiting Pyongyang as a tourist... [Read More]
An American missionary once sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea says it's highly possible that college student Otto Warmbier was tortured... [Read More]
And they're talking about more than just prisoners. Publicly, President Trump has been threatening North Korea with "fire and fury" and boasting that "military solutions... [Read More]
NORTH KOREA has released a Canadian Pastor after two and a half years in detention in a shock move, just months after the death of... [Read More]
US Orders All Citizens to Leave DPRK Before Sept 1st Travel Ban ... [Read More]
After the death of American 22-year-old Otto Warmbier Washington has placed a ban on any US citizens from travelling to North Korea. [Read More]
North Korea's doors are still open to US tourists, Pyongyang said Friday, despite Washington banning its citizens from travelling there following the death of a... [Read More]
U.S. tests ICBM amid latest North Korea provocation ... [Read More]
President Trump is expected to sign a memorandum on Friday taking aim at China's intellectual property and trade practices, CNBC reported Wednesday.The Office of the... [Read More]
The United States will officially begin banning its citizens from traveling to North Korea on September 1. The restriction, which was published Wednesday... [Read More]
The United States on Wednesday officially set a September 1 start date for a ban prohibiting its citizens from traveling to North Korea."The Department of... [Read More]
The measure has been taken following the death of U.S. tourist Otto Warmbier. [Read More]
The decision was prompted by Otto Warmbier's death in June. [Read More]
Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Whines About America Being Mean to North Korea - Katie Pavlich: It's been just two months since American student Otto... [Read More]
Less than a month after the death of Otto Warmbier, news emerged of another American student imprisoned by a hostile power. [Read More]
Ald. Edward Burke is all fired up, and that clattering sound you hear from the East may be the knocking of North Korean supreme leader... [Read More]
Congress plans to take up new legislation as soon as next month to implement a ban on travel to North Korea by US citizens following... [Read More]
This editorial was first published in The Washington Post. Guest editorials don't necessarily reflect the Daily Messenger's opinions.Less than a month after the death of... [Read More]
The White House's director of national intelligence raised the possibility        ... [Read More]
This week's issue of TIME features a story about President Trump's efforts to free U.S. citizens held captive abroad. The death of Otto Warmbier, a…... [Read More]