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As we approach the Fourth of July holiday weekend, take a moment to remember U.S. Army Sgt. Dillon Christopher Baldridge, one of three U.S. soldiers... [Read More]
It was a newsy day Tuesday and we garnered some reaction on social media on Wednesday:... [Read More]
Republicans, take your medicine now and plan on a healthier future: Our view        ... [Read More]
Forthe past 28 years, Summer Motion has made Ashland one of the best places in America to spend an Independence Day weekend. This city's biggest... [Read More]
Role reversals are as easy to come by as lobbyists in Washington. It's all part of the game of politics. [Read More]
Ten Minnesota news organizations, including the Minnesota Newspaper Association, have filed a request to intervene in the legal effort by Jacob Wetterling's family to prevent... [Read More]
Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas has lately been more bullish on General Motors, even as traditional car companies have seen their stock prices hammered while... [Read More]
Parades, picnics and fireworks have come to symbolize a day that should have much more meaning to Americans. [Read More]
AP Google was served the biggest antitrust fine in history by the European Commission Tuesday. The $2.7 billion fine was aimed at... [Read More]
Besides the reports on our front page telling the story of volunteers who are feeding the hungry in Bullock Creek and cleaning up at Grace... [Read More]
One heat wave down, another week of dangerous fire conditions to go. [Read More]
OUR VIEW: The filing period for Statesville City Council opens at noon on Friday, July 7. If you are among the number of folks who... [Read More]
Finally. After much hemming and hawing, the state Legislature finally did the right thing and passed legislation to expand medical benefits for volunteer firefighters who... [Read More]
The proof of the pudding is in the in eating. What we learned Monday, is that if someone wanted to actively make an earthquake, they... [Read More]
With the heart of Duluth about to be ripped up for three long years, the city, Greater Downtown Council, and others can be credited for... [Read More]
The fate of the Affordable Care Act rests with Republican senators in Congress. [Read More]
It's good news that Forever Paws recently bid successfully on a contract with Fall River Animal Control. Animals found in Fall River will now stay... [Read More]
The future of Washington — or any state, for that matter — often can be presaged by the condition of its children. There is no... [Read More]
I am writing about the June 21 editorial, "In Our View -- Sick Approach to Heath Bill." How can the person who wrote it say... [Read More]
The close-knit rural community of Williams is confronting the changes brought by Oregon's new recreational marijuana industry, and residents are less than happy about it.... [Read More]