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We give our view on why we are bullish natural gas for 2017. A combination of slow-down in US gas production growth along with increases in structural demand wi... [Read More]
Lately, it seems impossible to discuss any significant development project in Rochester without someone raising a specific question: Will it get TIF? [Read More]
The Mississippi Legislature reached a deadline Monday. [Read More]
GameStop's Preorders For Nintendo Switch are Sold Out ... [Read More]
'The time is always right to do what is right.'... [Read More]
Eventually, one can hope, the weather will change. The snow will thaw and the air will warm and some normalcy will return to venturing outside. [Read More]
The life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was remembered by thousands across America and especially in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. on Monday. Public events were held in... [Read More]
It took some time coming, but in the end, representatives from Mohawk Valley Health System did a commendable job last week laying out plans for its proposed new hospital in downtown Utica during... [Read More]
Hats off to First United Methodist Church for offering the use of its basement as a warming shelter for the homeless on freezing nights — and to the Medford City Council for approving... [Read More]
Washington state is experiencing one of its worst mumps outbreaks in years, with at least 178 confirmed cases and rising.Add onto that an increasingly tough flu…... [Read More]
The way Lavone Pulliam framed his options as a young man growing up in Erie's inner city is telling, powerful and deeply sad."I'd been in binds growing up. But I knew I could... [Read More]
There's encouraging news in the battle against opioid abuse. Arizona now ranks 15th, not sixth, in the number of annual opioid-overdose deaths. That's hardly a statistic worth flaunting, but it's... [Read More]
The small community of Walnut in northeastern Pottawattamie County is all in to improve its iconic downtown area. [Read More]
Good deeds come in all shapes and sizes. Some are extremely public, garnering major attention, while others are done quietly, away from the spotlight. [Read More]
Nominee's past raises questions about future attorney general... [Read More]
Less than two weeks ago, a man with a gun opened fire in the crowded baggage claim area of the airport in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Terrified travelers dove for cover. Five fell dead.And... [Read More]
Curbing soda consumption and federal subsidies for unhealthy snacks would benefit everyone, not just the poor. [Read More]
About 25 Democratic members of Congress have said they will boycott Friday's inauguration of Donald Trump as president because of his insulting tweet to Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, concerns... [Read More]
Count us among those concerned about the push to wipe clean generations of criminal records in the wake of last year's successful marijuana legalization efforts in Massachusetts. [Read More]
Bipartisan is not a dirty word, at least not in New Mexico. That's what two new Democratic leaders of the House and Senate say, anyway. And let's hope that Senate Majority Leader Peter... [Read More]