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Art elevates the mind, opens the doors to new perception and makes us laugh, cry or understand. Too often, it is treated as a nonessential... [Read More]
A report issued last week rates Iowa as having the most structurally deficient bridges in the country and the second-highest percentage of such bridges. [Read More]
Not long ago, the world was introduced to the video game "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" Today, we have a new, more serious... [Read More]
Wait, wait, wait. Can this be right?The state of Minnesota way back in 1957 passed a law requiring that meetings of government bodies be open... [Read More]
New Mexico should jump on the opportunity to woo the nation's largest outdoor retailers' trade show now that it is leaving Utah. [Read More]
Forsyth County seems on the path to raising pay for deputies and detention center officers in the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office. This is the proper... [Read More]
Congress kills a policy to keep guns from severely mentally ill. [Read More]
Gov. Charlie Baker should be applauded for his comments at a recent North of Boston Media Group editorial board meeting in Salem, during which he... [Read More]
THUMBS UP TO…stories of inspiration. One of the things that sometimes gets lost in the debate about higher education and specifically the praising of Illinois... [Read More]
Interesting. That is about the only real sentiment that can be collected from Union County Commissioner Jack Howard's proposal about his effort to consider switching... [Read More]
Your recent editorial about the fourth branch of government (Our View, Feb. 9) makes a glaring mistake. The Constitution states: "Congress shall make no law... [Read More]
There was no room in the state budget for a sales tax holiday last summer but plenty, apparently, for the legislative leadership to grant itself... [Read More]
In striking down Lexington's anti-panhandling law, the Kentucky Supreme Court has further clarified what local governments can do to discourage individuals from begging: very little. [Read More]
County wants more power but it needs to work better with Reno and Sparks. [Read More]
Voters throughout Clark County on Tuesday demonstrated strong support for local schools at the ballot box. With a variety of levies and bond measures being... [Read More]
French Louie topic for talk Saturday at History CenterAll the kids around Speculator loved to see Louie coming.Louie was Louis Seymour, better known up Speculator... [Read More]
Editor's note: This editorial originally ran March 2, 2012. In the other Washington, President Donald Trump is about to end a common sense Obama rule... [Read More]
Somewhere in that vortex of reasoning known as the Arizona State Capitol, it makes sense for legislators to pass some more laws raising fees and... [Read More]
Niagara County residents are nearing the end of the line in terms of their opportunity to file formal comments on the proposed Northern Access Pipeline... [Read More]
We can't know if this will be an era of a strong executive, or a return to the old power balance. [Read More]