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On March 20, voters in Winnebago County can take a stand for government efficiency by voting to combine the offices of county clerk and county... [Read More]
Read Our View: Adopt NRA's tactics if you're serious about gun control from The Daily Astorian... [Read More]
By the time the 2018-2019 school year begins, the Columbus Municipal School District will fill dozens of positions. [Read More]
School safety is on the minds of most Americans, especially after the unfathomable shooting deaths of 17 students and adults in Florida. This has been... [Read More]
Tonight, Payne County Youth Services will host its annual event, An Evening to Remember, at Mediations Banquet Facility. The event will serve as the beginning... [Read More]
Why it matters: Communities must make conscious and deliberate efforts to reduce discrimination that exists in cultural and historic norms. [Read More]
There are times in life when there is just something reassuring about a familiar face. And that's the feeling we had recently when the Emmet... [Read More]
OUR VIEW: Rep. Bernier should make consistent background checks on firearm purchases her mission now that she's expressed support... [Read More]
After years of contentious debate over a proposed oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver, a proposal for the Port of Kalama sounds familiar. [Read More]
Just when we thought Rep. Claudia Tenney could get no lower than the disparaging remarks she made about Anthony Brindisi's family, she has managed to... [Read More]
Excitement is building as a volunteer group takes a serious look at how to make a community pool a reality in Mt. Pleasant. [Read More]
State R&D funds and water-quality protections have helped make Maine a place where aquaculture and forestry firms want to do business. [Read More]
Another week of news has passed and, yet again, it is difficult to find the bright spots for which we can dole out a thumbs... [Read More]
The amazing history of "America's Pastor" Billy Graham seems perhaps even more remarkable as we take time to reflect upon his death. [Read More]
More than $260,000 in unexplained bonuses are being investigated amid a wider probe into official misconduct during Bob Miller's time at the Algonquin Township Highway... [Read More]
Pennsylvania remains an attractive place to retire for many reasons, including the fact the commonwealth does not tax pensions. [Read More]
Two bills now pending in the Tennessee General Assembly — SB 2317 in the Senate and HB 2602 in the House — would make an... [Read More]
America lost a national treasure Wednesday with the passing of the Rev. Billy Graham, undoubtedly the best-known Christian evangelist in the world. [Read More]
For a federal law enforcement agency struggling with credibility issues, the FBI hasn't done itself any favors with regard to the handling of the Florida... [Read More]
Effective this week, the opinion pages of the Winston-Salem Journal and the News & Record of Greensboro have begun to pool resources and some of... [Read More]