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Trump is onto something with a merit-based system. [Read More]
It is has been said the essential role of a journalist is to shine light into dark places. [Read More]
The small group of dog owners who use the dog park at Parr Hill Park like the rules, regulations and the almost exclusivity of the... [Read More]
The major investors in the Putnam Block redevelopment project say they're fully aware that more than an economic development project is at stake.'Our view is... [Read More]
If you were able to make better use of your community's outdoor attractions, improve mobility for local residents and take aim at rising obesity rates... [Read More]
There is a quote from the brilliant Broadway musical "Hamilton: An American Story" that seems particularly relevant these days -- "Winning w... [Read More]
A Skowhegan animal abuse case shows how hard it is to track down alleged 'pet flippers.'... [Read More]
Howard Zemsky is quite the pinch-hitter for Gov. Andrew Cuomo.Cuomo was scheduled to come to town last week with good news, but he postponed -... [Read More]
A 14-year-old Pocatello boy was injured March 16 while walking his dog on an often-used hillside path near his family's home.Neither he nor anyone in... [Read More]
Buying votes is illegal. Buying signatures for ballot measure petitions in Arizona finally is as well, though the new law doesn't go far enough. [Read More]
We're now within two months of the extended deadline for the state Legislature to fix Pennsylvania's gaming law, and Erie County still has no assurances... [Read More]
Republicans are licking their wounds following Friday's remarkable failure of the GOP's American Health Care Act to survive for a vote. [Read More]
It borders on preposterous that the highly politicized atmosphere of the current Iowa Legislature is inhibiting — at least certainly seems to be inhibiting —... [Read More]
THE ISSUE: Consolidated election Tuesday, April 4... [Read More]
Of all the programs targeted for cutbacks in next year's federal budget, Meals on Wheels is the most puzzling. [Read More]
We're not sure why (the confluence of highways, most likely, and other bottlenecks) but on any given morning you could be sitting for a little... [Read More]
Welcome back to members of the Society of Applied Anthropology, now meeting here through Saturday. [Read More]
We're glad to see progress being made on the renovation of a long-neglected downtown walkway. The first phase of construction is set to begin soon,... [Read More]
Competition is the reason given by the University of Massachusetts for big sums paid to top officials. By some measures, the state's public colleges get... [Read More]
The future of Porreco College is an open question. [Read More]