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Relief is on the way for the McDonald County jail, a facility that would've never housed 30 inmates on any given day 10 years ago.... [Read More]
Overcrowding is a problem at both Dalton Middle School and Dalton High School that has consequences for students, teachers and administrators. [Read More]
The National Park Service's more than 400 parks are open to the public for free on Presidents' Day. It's an effort to showcase the best... [Read More]
Several teachers in California and other states face public backlash and work discipline after posting honest assessments on social media about how a nationwide "Day... [Read More]
Krysten Puzzo, who teaches Italian at Port Chester High School, navigates the tight spaces between seats during her class. [Read More]
Port Chester Schools Superintendent Edward Kliszus talks about the school district hope to pass a bond to expand school space and upgrade facilities, Feb. 20,... [Read More]
Overcrowding, malnutrition and infectious diseases at Haiti's National Penitentiary in downtown Port-au-Prince have led to an upsurge of inmate deaths, including 21 just last month. [Read More]
District Citizens Facilities Task Force reviewed its subcommittee recommendations Monday, preparing for a full report. [Read More]
The population at the Madison County Jail reached 300 inmates on Thursday and there is no room in the surrounding counties to house the overflow. [Read More]
A committee put in place several years ago to address chronic overcrowding at the Jackson County Jail has been reestablished. The issue recently came to... [Read More]
The Killeen Independent School District in the last year had three major hurdles to address. [Read More]
At first glance, Housing Unit 1 at the Springer Correctional Center looks like the scene of a giant slumber party. Rows of bunk beds are... [Read More]
With the Branch County Jail population at 145 Friday, Branch County Sheriff John Pollack sent 10 female prisoners to the Calhoun County Jail to ease... [Read More]
School bus problems are something many school districts face. Schools can have buses breakdown, drivers call out,  and have overcrowding. Three years ago The Madison... [Read More]
Overcrowding plaguing Baltimore County schools, particularly the northeastern part of the county, has caught the attention of state lawmakers. [Read More]
Overcrowding plaguing Baltimore County schools, particularly the northeastern part of the county, has caught the attention of state lawmakers. The district will add at least... [Read More]
The Anderson County detention Center is more than double its capacity for inmates. According to jail officials, that opens the door for major liability, not... [Read More]
The zoning enforcement office lacks the resources and legal power to aggressively investigate complaints, city legislators concerned about rampant illegal subdivisions and similar violations have... [Read More]
Not one of Alabama's 17 state prisons has a functional fire alarm system, according to Department of Corrections Commissioner Jeff Dunn, who spoke to lawmakers... [Read More]
Round Rock Independent School District is the latest district to call for a bond election this May. The district says more people moving north of... [Read More]