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JUDGE TEMPORARILY HALTS DRILLING IN WYOMING OVER CLIMATE CHANGE: A federal judge late Tuesday temporarily blocked oil and gas drilling on thousands of acres of... [Read More]
CA CONSIDERING BAN OF ALL COSMETICS WITH CANCER CAUSING CHEMICALS: California is considering a bill that would ban the sale of all cosmetics in state... [Read More]
DC MOVES CLOSER TO CLIMATE LAWSUIT AGAINST EXXON: The D.C. government is beefing up its legal team ahead of an anticipated legal challenge against Exxon.Attorney... [Read More]
YOUTH ACTIVISTS PROTEST ACROSS GLOBE FOR CLIMATE ACTION: Protests erupted across the globe on Friday led by youth activists demanding governments take action to thwart... [Read More]
NEW CLIMATE TASK FORCE PUSHES ALTERNATIVE TO GREEN NEW DEAL: Members of a new House task force on climate change are aiming to offer what... [Read More]
SOLAR INSTALLATIONS DIPPED LAST YEAR: The growth of solar installations across the U.S. dipped in 2018, according to a new report out Wednesday.Solar installations were... [Read More]