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Israel drew sharp international rebuke Monday after its forces began demolishing a series of residential buildings in a neighborhood of East Jerusalem that, according to... [Read More]
In the occupied Palestinian territories, hundreds of Israeli troops have begun demolishing homes in the Wadi al-Hummus neighborhood of Sur Baher, a West Bank village... [Read More]
Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas gestures during a meeting of the Fatah Revolutionary Council, in the West Bank city …... [Read More]
Israel has started demolishing 13 residential buildings in East Jerusalem's Wadi Hummus for being too close to the separation barrier, even though the area falls... [Read More]
Israel has begun demolishing houses in the village of Wadi Hummus in the Sur Baher neighbourhood, located near Jerusalem, despite the objections of locals, human... [Read More]
Residents say the buildings are on West Bank land and the Palestinian Authority gave them construction permits. [Read More]
Jared Kushner will return to the Middle East later this month as he pushes his controversial plan for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, a... [Read More]
"The president, prime minister and parliament speaker of Iraq told me that they will honor all the rights of Palestinians in Iraq," Palestinian Authority Prime... [Read More]
Palestinian Authority says US president's remarks about Michigan congresswoman are an 'insult to the Statue of Liberty'... [Read More]