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Snapchat and Instagram have been ready for Easter for almost a week now. The two apps added stickers so you can celebrate from Palm Sunday... [Read More]
This year there will no Easter celebrations for Coptic Christians in Upper Egypt. Out of concern for their security and out of respect for the... [Read More]
This Good Friday is an especially somber time for Coptic Christians, after terrorists attacked two churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday. [Read More]
One of the holiest weeks of the year was marred by violence, bigotry and the deadly toll of war. For Christians, Palm Sunday kicked... [Read More]
Islamist suicide bombers killed 45 people at two churches on Palm Sunday - the start of Easter Week. [Read More]
Michele Bachmann still treats "Left Behind" as a how-to manual for politics. White Christians in Alabama are fine with disenfranchising black voters, but not with... [Read More]
The bishop canceled Easter services after church bombings on Palm Sunday killed 51. [Read More]
At least 44 people were killed in two attacks on Coptic churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday... [Read More]
Egypt's interior ministry said on Wednesday it had identified the suicide bomber behind a deadly attack at the weekend outside a church in the coastal... [Read More]
Whether Christian or not, we need to stand defiantly. We can change things if we stand together. [Read More]
Palm Sunday is a symbol of defiance. Whether Christian or not, we need to stand defiantly. We can change things if we stand together. [Read More]
Leroy J. Sellnow, 78, of Watertown, with his family present and being at peace with his heavenly Father, reached out to his gracious Lord on... [Read More]
It was most serene of all scenes: A choir singing hymns on a Palm Sunday morning. It could have been any church, anywhere in the... [Read More]
Beginning on Palm Sunday, Christians spend the week prior to Easter Sunday participating in a variety of rituals revolving around the Crucifixion and Resurrection of... [Read More]
The 40-day Lenten season of penance, abstinence and charity now nears its culmination with the devotional observances of Palm Sunday — or Passion Sunday, as... [Read More]
Several injured people left hospitals in Alexandria and Tanta, says Health Ministry... [Read More]
For years, Egyptian Copt Michel Fahmy could hear a Muslim preacher invoking God's wrath on Christians in sermons blared over loudspeakers from a mosque near... [Read More]
By Jonathan Storment In her great book, Crucifixion, Fleming Rutledge tells a story about what happened on Palm Sunday 1994 at the Goshen Methodist Church... [Read More]
  "Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack, a crack in everything That's how the light gets... [Read More]
Moments after the explosion rocked her church, Mona Faiez's phone rang. It was her sister, checking to see if she was alive. [Read More]