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This article uses qualitative content analysis to explore some themes associated with perspectives on sexuality and multicultural difference on American hijabi fashion blogs. These themes... [Read More]
Chapter 15 of the 2005 Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act allows foreign courts more power in cases that include foreign multinational firms. U.S.... [Read More]
The recent accounting scandals and corporate misdeeds of several high-profile Fortune 500 companies have left the investing public reeling. This paper highlights the attributes and... [Read More]
Understanding consumers' allocation of environmental responsibility to external forces (i.e., those perceived to be beyond their direct control) is important yet under-researched. This paper examines... [Read More]
It is essential for organizations to understand and manage salespeople's emotions. By monitoring the effects of emotions on the job, management can promote and enhance... [Read More]
This paper examines the impact of having a mentor on mentoree affective, continuance and normative commitment to the organization and occupation. Hypotheses are developed comparing... [Read More]
In an overwhelming portion of the US service economy, the multifaceted responsibilities that frontline employees play as patrons have been overlooked within the academic literature.... [Read More]
The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of organizational and employee-customer identification on job engagement. The paper also aims to explore the... [Read More]
A study develops and validates a measure of the degree to which salespeople practice effective listening. After defining and discussing the construct, the development of... [Read More]
Because customers' postpurchase evaluations influence future purchasing decisions, service providers and organizations strive to understand the process that leads to repatronage intentions. The current paper... [Read More]
Structural equation modeling (SEM) has become a quasi-standard in marketing and management research when it comes to analyzing the cause-effect relations between latent constructs. For... [Read More]
The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of predictive analytics, summarize how it is impacting knowledge creation in marketing, and suggest future... [Read More]
Engaging students and motivating them to learn is a continuous challenge for university faculty. This paper discusses the introduction of competition into the classroom in... [Read More]
As a great source of generating revenue to the organization, it is agreed that marketing not only drives customer's actions but also can be measured... [Read More]
With economic activity in emerging markets growing at 40 percent, and with 10 percent and more of the firms in the Global Fortune 500 now... [Read More]
Job burnout has been described as a syndrome of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a feeling of reduced personal accomplishment that frequently occurs among individuals who... [Read More]
Prior research in the e-learning area has appeared with a focus on its adoption aspects. Limited research has been carried out solely on the interplay... [Read More]
This study provides empirical support for including IT infrastructure (ITI) as part of the information systems (IS) success model. The IS success model has been... [Read More]
Governments around the globe are recognizing the economic ramifications of a digitally literate citizenry and implementing systemic strategies to advance digital literacy. Awareness of the... [Read More]