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I watched with disbelief the "circus" on TV as Peter Strozk testified before Congress this past week. I have never seen a bunch of grown... [Read More]
Global investors ploughed $5 billion into bonds and withdrew money from gold and European equities in the past week, as fears of a trade war... [Read More]
Dear Carolyn: My daughter and her boyfriend moved into my house a few months ago because they were having financial difficulties and I wanted her... [Read More]
One week ago, Maria Butina's name and face were almost unknown, except to a few hardcore political observers – a low-profile that Butina was surely... [Read More]
Dear Carolyn,My daughter and her boyfriend moved into my house a few months ago because they were having financial difficulties and I wanted her to... [Read More]
Never mind the challenge of working your way around a British Open course. For Jhonattan Vegas, merely getting to Scotland was a wild adventure.... [Read More]
We traveled down to the Home Run Derby and MLB All-Star Game this past week to check out the festivities. And while both events were... [Read More]
The 10-, 11-, and 12-year-old champions in the Falls Little League got to compete with their respective peers in the District 4 Tournaments in Grand... [Read More]
How vulnerable to hackers are Rhode Island's voting machines?The company that sold Rhode Island its current voting machines, in 2016, has assured Secretary of State... [Read More]
A crack in rock that forced the closure of a popular waterfall tourist viewing area in Grand Teton National Park hasn't grown over the past... [Read More]
The past week has been busy for President Trump. [Read More]
Memphis big man Marc Gasol has had an unconventional offseason. The three-time NBA All-Star has spent the past week volunteering aboard the Open Arms Proactiva,... [Read More]
Over the past week, the overwhelming majority of EVE Online's player run coalitions have begun to band together and field some of the most powerful... [Read More]
Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen on Thursday said she believed Russia interfered in the 2016 US election but questioned whether it really did so to... [Read More]
Yolo County added two more awards to its collection of California State Fair exhibit recognitions this past week.On opening day of the State Fair, judges... [Read More]
Guest post by Joe Hoft We would have more of this if Hillary Clinton won the election – an Obama appointed  liberal judge with a... [Read More]
Dry weather in the last week was enough to cause the drought areas to expand in Michigan. [Read More]
That, and other crime in Youngstown reported over the past week. [Read More]
It's a common claim accepted as truth: God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because gays had overrun the place. This past week, Franklin Graham repeated this... [Read More]
There was much that was shocking but basically nothing that was surprising in President Donald Trump's whirlwind tour of diplomatic destruction over the past week.... [Read More]