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More weather related blood drive cancellations have hampered blood reserve levels — that remain low. [Read More]
Officials in Thurston County say dialysis patients still made their medical appointments, despite the crippling snow, thanks to public transportation. [Read More]
The hospital was closed during the operation that forced patients, visitors and staff in the emergency department to move from the area. [Read More]
The Legislature needs to give the disabled a right by law to be treated in a fair way. [Read More]
The lawyer representing an Albemarle County doctor accused of sexually assaulting some of his patients wants to make sure that parts of the story are... [Read More]
Screening of patients for the superbug MRSA has plummeted at a health board which is being investigated after five people died from infections.The number of... [Read More]
PEORIA — Poverty is not the only reason people visit Córdoba Healthcare, a free clinic in Peoria.This past Sunday at least two patients were there because they... [Read More]
Hundreds of patients are spending hours waiting for beds in Scotland's emergency departments but staff are afraid to speak out, it has been claimed.David Chung,... [Read More]
BILLINGS – A newly renovated wing at St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings will make treatment easier and more comfortable for the hospital's littlest patients. The former... [Read More]
Rucker is being honored for his efforts to help children in his hometown of Charleston as well as patients at St. Jude. [Read More]
The American College of Cardiology has recognized CentraState Medical Center, Freehold Township, for developing and sharing quality practices that optimize the care and outcomes of... [Read More]
An amendment to SB 1475 would require DNA only from professionals who care for patients with intellectual disabilities in an intermediate care facility.       ... [Read More]
A group of patients and health data experts is accusing Facebook of misleading users about how their personal health information can be manipulated and exposed without patients' explicit... [Read More]
Watch must-see video highlights from FOX 10 Phoenix's newscasts and web exclusives. [Read More]
More than 2-million people in the U.S. are either dependent on or abusing prescription and illegal opioids to treat their pain. Now a new report... [Read More]
Trying to find a way out of the ongoing opioid crisis, surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston are educating patients and giving them alternatives... [Read More]
SUPERIOR, Wis.- More snow on the way means more shoveling for Northlanders. But there is potential danger when clearing snow. Emergency rooms see plenty of patients... [Read More]
Watch our WAAY 31 I-Team investigative report tonight on WAAY 31 News at 6. Decatur's Dr. Michael Dick exposed a problem that exists across the... [Read More]
"We're concerned that some patients are being preyed upon by unscrupulous actors..." [Read More]
There are 39 patient safety incidents every day in Cambridge... [Read More]