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The seven-day outlook calls for slush, mush, blue juice (windshield washer solution) and second-string shoes. A word to the wise: If you like snow, take... [Read More]
The short-term forecast calls for White Gold. At a time when western Minnesota is too dry, with pockets of moderate drought showing up on weather... [Read More]
Storms spinning up in late February and March have different characteristics from low-pressure systems in January. A higher sun angle and milder temperatures tend to... [Read More]
Maybe I'm rationalizing, but Minnesota's coldest days tend to be sunny. That's not the case in lake-effect cities from Chicago to Cleveland. Speaking of lake... [Read More]
I don't know about you, but I prefer icing on my cakes and cookies, not on my commute. And here my meteorological prejudice is showing:... [Read More]