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 When Japanese forces bombed Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, it ushered in some of the darkest days in American history.Here on the Outer Cape,... [Read More]
Harold K. Costill, of Clayton, served aboard the USS West Virginia. [Read More]
Chief Yeoman Albert Wagner intended to perform an emotional and heartbreaking task during his next training cruise aboard the old battleship converted to a target... [Read More]
The Navy at the time had no way of identifying his remains, so Wilcox was buried in a mass grave with nearly 400 others... [Read More]
An Indiana family was finally able to have a proper burial for their relative, who died on the in the attack on Pearl Harbor. [Read More]
Minot laid wreaths at the graves of fallen veterans at Rosehill Memorial Cemetery Saturday as part of 'Wreaths Across America.'... [Read More]
It was a cool, crisp morning, as strangers and veterans passed through the doors of browning funeral home to pay their respects to George Wilcox... [Read More]
The Jingu family's former home is now the Jingu House at the Japanese Tea Garden, restored and reopened in 2011 as a cafe and event... [Read More]
An Evansville family is finally having a proper burial for their relative who died on the USS Oklahoma during Pearl Harbor. There was a special... [Read More]
Gerry Johnson of San Luis Obispo says The Tribune should have had more coverage of Pearl Harbor on the attacks anniversary of December 7. [Read More]
I do remember "the day," Pearl Harbor Day, which was the subject of an editorial in the News Tribune on Dec. 7 (Our View: "Days... [Read More]
We witnessed the devastation of the greatest fleet in the world at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on Dec. 7, 1941. [Read More]
Those who serve in the military deserve our recognition. They also deserve our help, and some of them need it desperately. Today's edition... [Read More]
On the 76th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japan, Brigantine North School teacher Mark Brestle invited retired Coast Guardsman Jim Mackey... [Read More]
George Wilcox, a Tri-State sailor killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor, is being flown into Louisville Friday where he will then be led into... [Read More]
On Dec. 5, 1941 then Commander Wood, relinquished the command of the USS Ward and was scheduled to leave Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7 on... [Read More]
A trio of World War II veterans who'd fought in the Pacific, now in their 90s, gathered for lunch and memories on Thursday, Dec.7 —... [Read More]
Black smoke billowing from a torpedo-crippled battleship as it sinks. Blazing fires from the burning oil of fuel tanks on the surface of the... [Read More]
Vehicles belonging to the 25th Infantry Division are ready to convoy from the Multiple Deployment Facility at Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii, on Dec. 13, 2017.... [Read More]