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Offering a ton of fun at an affordable price point, Earthfall is a game you shouldn't miss. Ever since 2009, the gaming industry hasn't... [Read More]
In recent years, the model for US recycling has been to send it overseas to China. China gets a raw material worth money; the US gets rid... [Read More]
To call someone "spineless" is an insult on land, but in the ocean, it's simply a sensible lifestyle choice. From jellyfish to octopuses, anemones to... [Read More]
Archaeologists in Egypt are holding off on opening a mysterious 2,000-year-old, perfectly sealed, black sarcophagus. [Read More]
Here is your all killer, no filler guide to the best stages of the 2018 Tour de France. I adore the Tour de France, but... [Read More]
For those of you currently shopping for an engagement ring, here's some good news: There are a lot more diamonds hiding in the ground than... [Read More]
  FOR THE KIDS IN YOUR LIFE, AND THEIR SUMMER READING:  Get Ruben Bolling's hit book series for kids, The EMU Club... [Read More]
Aging might be perfectly natural. But as practiced by the human body, it is beginning to look more and more like a disease — and... [Read More]
On Tuesday, Sean Hannity defended President Donald Trump amid criticism of his clarification for remarks that were said at his press conference with Russian President Vladimir... [Read More]
Blends perfectly with all your other Android gear. The NVIDIA Shield TV streaming media player is down to $139 on Amazon. This is a... [Read More]
Go fish Two unidentified friends and a canine companion are silhouetted perfectly by a setting sun over Gorton Pond. The picturesque shot was captured by... [Read More]
Mozart was all of 19 years old when he composed "Il Re Pastore" ("The Shepherd King"), a sleek little two-act entertainment based on a libretto... [Read More]
When it comes to Trump and Putin, Republicans have made their choice. President Donald Trump's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday morning, in... [Read More]
The Mazda CX-3 is a subcompact crossover SUV that's aimed at first-time buyers. These small SUVs are sometimes called "cute-utes." The CX-3 is an excellent... [Read More]
Micro-cheating is a term used to describe a small act that indicates a person has physical or emotional interests outside of their relationship. The acts... [Read More]
Cerro Gordo, an abandoned mining town in Lone Pine, California, that looks straight out of Westworld just sold for more than $1 million to a... [Read More]
While many conservative personalities came out against Trump's performance in Helsinki, Fox Business Host Lou Dobbs had different thoughts. [Read More]
Le'Veon Bell's worth a ton of money. But the Steelers are right to not simply empty the vault for him. And that's a bit of... [Read More]
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs late Monday slammed President Trump's critics, saying he thinks the president "handled himself perfectly" during a joint press conference with Russian President... [Read More]
New York City is in the midst of summer. And when Dakota Johnson was spotted stepping out in the metropolis of a Monday, her ensemble... [Read More]