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Middletown residents started a petition, already filled with hundreds of signatures. [Read More]
JAIPUR: Rejecting a petition seeking DNA test of an infant, a single bench of Rajasthan High Court imposed a cost of Rs 10,000 on the... [Read More]
Thousands of critics of Game of Thrones' just-ended, final season have signed petitions to keep its two showrunners from making the next Star Wars film,... [Read More]
Derek Quinlan, the boom-time property investor, has failed to get an injunction preventing Edgeworth Capital, an investment fund owned by British billionaire Robert Tchenguiz, from... [Read More]
Despite pleas from residents and a neighborhood petition with 100 signatures, construction will start the summer of 2020 on a project that opens residential 37th... [Read More]
Dr Keith Wolverson, 52, was reported to the General Medical Council after allegedly forcing a Muslim woman to remove her full-face veil during a visit... [Read More]
CJ Woodling and Jake Rudolph come to the show just to rub it in that they are now too good for it. Actually, they discuss... [Read More]
David Benioff and D.B. Weiss faced intense backlash from fans who didn't like the writing on the final season of Game Of Thrones, including a... [Read More]
Francis "Chip" Faulkner, an ardent supporter of tax relief and veteran of many Beacon Hill battles, died Friday after fighting pancreatic cancer for the past... [Read More]
The charity, formed by the star, was influenced by her own experiences after she suffered life-threatening brain aneurysms earlier this year. [Read More]
Now that Disney owns 20th Century Fox, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has unlimited access to X-men characters. [Read More]
On Wednesday, May 22, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced a policy revision that would gut protections for transgender people experiencing homelessness.... [Read More]
A petition to prevent the possible sacking of a doctor who asked a Muslim patient to remove her veil so he could hear her explain... [Read More]
Independence's City Council voted this week to indefinitely postpone an ordinance that would have put a smart meter vote on the ballot for Aug. 6.It... [Read More]
Before its sale to Americore Health LLC nearly two years ago, Ellwood City Hospital was relying on donations from its nonprofit foundation to keep its doors... [Read More]
Dr Keith Wolverson is facing an inquiry by the General Medical Council... [Read More]
Following the latest craze of petitions, one Game of Thrones fan has decided to raise funds for a charity developed by actress Emilia Clarke. [Read More]
A petition to prevent the sacking of a doctor who asked a Muslim patient to remove her veil in order to hear the details of... [Read More]
The girl's father filed a habeas corpus petition in the high court, which stated that her minor daughter is missing and the police has failed... [Read More]
Dan Clark started a petition for Warhill High School to get metal detectors after a student brought a gun to school. So far, he's collected... [Read More]