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50 years ago the science-fiction series Star Trek imagined many fictional worlds out there. Now astronomers discovered a real exoplanet in the star system were... [Read More]
figuratively speaking, that is. In a study published in the M... [Read More]
Planet Alpha's arresting visuals aren't enough to distract from its disappointing, familiar gameplay and a meditative narrative that never takes off. [Read More]
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Two decades on Planet Earth and she's never done this before? [Read More]
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit... [Read More]
The Mars Opportunity rover has been working on the Red Planet for more than 14 years, well beyond its planned 90-day mission. But now a... [Read More]
The Orange County Business Journal recently ranked Planet DDS as one of Orange County's fastest-growing privately-held companies for the fourth year running. [Read More]
Bethany McLean joins us to discuss how new extraction techniques like fracking have promised huge future gains for the industry, and whether those anticipated... [Read More]
The new Planet Fitness franchise opening next to Staples in the Big Y plaza on Mohawk Trail, is expected to open in early December. According... [Read More]
Mars explorers could live in an igloo-like structure near the Red Planet's frigid north pole, to take advantage of the seasonally abundant solar energy in... [Read More]
Muang's Yasothon municipality has come seventh in the "One Planet City Challenge" event this year, thanks to its energy saving initiative to reduce greenhouse gas... [Read More]
'See' what My Planet PlayStation has to say about Tiny Bull Studios' efforts in Blind. [Read More]
The right's seemingly limitless affinity for self-obfuscation was on full display in Sept. 6 letter to the editor "Carbon use is part of modern living." [Read More]
Etihad assistant boss who is taking charge while Pep Guardiola serves a touchline ban claims City have the finest collection of players on the planet... [Read More]
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Meet the planet's ultimate cats - from speedy cheetahs to a tiny rusty spotted cat - and discover the remarkable abilities that allow them to... [Read More]
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Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl shares his take on the accountability or rather, the lack thereof, of general managers in MLS in light of the recent... [Read More]
Scientists have use satellites to understand how life flourishes and fades on our planet. These selected visual stories of bacteria, plants, land animals, sea creatures... [Read More]