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It's part of Planned Parenthood's fight against rape culture and for birth control. [Read More]
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Planned Parenthood has systematically worked to remove protections for unborn babies with Down syndrome and chromosomal defects... [Read More]
'I was honored to cast the tie-breaking vote'... [Read More]
A former Planned Parenthood manager has launched a website that provides public inspection reports of abortion facilities. [Read More]
A federal appeals court Wednesday rejected Kansas' attempt to cut off state Medicaid funds for Planned Parenthood under former Gov. Sam Brownback.Brownback's administration moved in... [Read More]
      A Planned Parenthood affiliate says a federal appeals court's decision is a "huge win" for Kansas Medicaid patients.      The 10th Circuit Court... [Read More]
Kansas acted improperly when it tried to cut off Medicaid dollars to Planned Parenthood under former Gov. Sam Brownback, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.... [Read More]
The lead House sponsors of a bill requiring that sexual health education be "medically accurate, age-appropriate" pumped up high school students lobbying for the bill... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton thinks Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards is an inspiration in her new book..02/23/2018 3:21:35AM EST. [Read More]
In his first bill signing as governor, Democrat Phil Murphy approved $7.5 million in spending that had been vetoed eight times by Chris Christie.      ... [Read More]
Cecile Richards is thrilled that New Jersey's taxpayers are once again funding the abortion giant..02/21/2018 20:03:25PM EST. [Read More]
What's a Catholic school to do? Bow to Planned Parenthood or risk losing money? [Read More]
Kansas can't cut Medicaid funds to a Planned Parenthood affiliate over videos anti-abortion activists secretly recorded in 2015, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday. The... [Read More]
Planned Parenthood Great Plains (PPGP) and three Planned Parenthood patients filed suit after the termination in 2016. [Read More]
1 Reversing Christie: New Jersey's new... [Read More]
Credible data on gun homicides and abortion in the United States are available. The most recent year I can verify for both is 2014. The... [Read More]
A judge is expected to hear arguments Friday about whether he'll stay jailed indefinitely pending trial. [Read More]