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Editor, Reuters reported that Saudia Arabia is planning reforms to moderate Islamic traditions and monitor references to the Hadith — a record of the words... [Read More]
According to planning documents, the proposal calls for building a large winery on 156 acres. It will include a warehouse and wine fermentation tanks. [Read More]
As he observes his five-year anniversary of owning Pier 210 Dental Group in Auburn, Dr. David Roholt is also celebrating the technical advancements he's made... [Read More]
Once again, a group of volunteers is planning a huge Thanksgiving meal. In fact, they are hoping to feed 1,000 people. If you want to... [Read More]
The City Council has tasked the Planning Commission with conducting a review of the codes relating to vacation rentals, striking down three versions of a... [Read More]
BATON ROUGE- If you're planning to hit the road for the holidays, local experts suggest getting your car serviced before heading out of town. [Read More]
Oregon State University-Cascades will soon submit an application to the city of Bend for review of its master plan, which details how the campus will... [Read More]
Grand Slam tournaments are planning to return to seeding only 16 players, instead of 32, as of 2019, and now will give a player who... [Read More]
The Imperial Household Agency is planning the wedding ceremony of Princess Mako, eldest granddaughter of Emperor Akihito, and Kei Komuro, her classmate fro... [Read More]
Amid media scrutiny and resignation of a CEO, Councilman Greg Brockhouse said he wants to have an executive session to discuss cancellation of a media... [Read More]
Sixty-four students from Southland Girls' High School are involved in the MaiBiz programme in Invercargill. [Read More]
In many ways the Placer Hills School District represents the best in local government. It reflects the aspirations of its clients; it prepares young people... [Read More]
Urban planner and former Berkeley Zoning Adjustment Board member George Williams died in his Berkeley home on November 6. He was 89. [Read More]
Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., a Fukuoka-based railway operator diversifying into retail and property development, is planning to build condominiums in Indones... [Read More]
Arroyo Grande residents are planning a candlelight vigil for the Village fox that was euthanized; others have started funds for memorials, put up ribbons and... [Read More]
Those planning outdoor activities this weekend should take advantage of the warm weather. [Read More]
The borough's Planning Board, with an eye toward closer control on potential development on a Munsonhurst Road parcel of land, has asked the Borough Council... [Read More]
Wake-up call on gridlock costs, Editorial, Nov. 21 This editorial is bang on. All levels of government are guilty of urban planning by vote... [Read More]
We are entering what I call the "cooking and eating season" and I could not be happier. I've already started planning my menus for Thanksgiving,... [Read More]
New York Seeing an attempt to block its buyout out of Time Warner as a "radical" departure by the U.S. government, AT&T is preparing... [Read More]