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Rothy's and Everlane are two popular brands that offer knit flats. They're both made from recycled plastic bottles and are comfortable, breathable, and stylish.... [Read More]
Local restaurants and cafes have spent the last six months swapping out plastic takeout. [Read More]
Last week, at one of the last major events of his party election campaign, at the conclusion of his 40-year drive to become leader of... [Read More]
The year-old squirrel that terrorized a downtown Santa Cruz neighborhood in recent weeks chewed from her plastic carrier and escaped during attempts to relocate her... [Read More]
BURI RAM: A man believed to be a foreigner was found dead with a plastic bag over his head inside a deserted building on the... [Read More]
One lesson we can learn from the Vietnam War documentary Apocalypse Now is that only crazy people like terrible smells just for fun. Surely Lt.... [Read More]
After years of convincing people to embrace the recycling habit, the $7.5 billion industry is in a panic, fueled by plunging commodities prices.        ... [Read More]
In Western Bay in eastern Newfoundland, the battered asphalt of Side Road and Lighthouse Road merge into one and then peter out into a narrow... [Read More]
A plastic engine component could melt and cause a vehicle to catch a fire. [Read More]
The... [Read More]
Sri Lanka customs Tuesday ordered the return of container loads of hazardous mortuary and clinical waste illegally imported into the island from Britain under the... [Read More]
Israeli government officials on Tuesday condemned the actions of Palestinians who hurled abuse and chairs at a Saudi blogger visiting Jerusalem as a guest of... [Read More]
The 20-year-old turtle has a blockage in her gastrointestinal tract that her rescuers believe could be caused by plastic debris. [Read More]
The Open Championship became the first of men's golf's majors to end the use of single-use plastic water bottles for players and spectators alike. [Read More]
A MUM has taken to Facebook to share an "environmentally friendly" shopping hack – but has been slammed by other users. Bonnie Beck, from Nottingham,... [Read More]
Bags made from jute fibre - a longtime crop in Bangladesh - look and feel like plastic... [Read More]
Mourners are being urged to stop leaving fake flowers at cemeteries as they end up in waterways. [Read More]
The Chitradurga Fort, an Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) monument, whose fortification of seven concentric circles once kept marauding enemy legi... [Read More]
BANGLADESH-ENVIRONMENT/PLASTICBAGS (FEATURE, PIX):FEATURE-Plastic from burlap? Bangladesh invents a green throw-away bag... [Read More]
Tourists are drawn to New Zealand as one of the cleanest nations in the world - but plastic could taint that image... [Read More]