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the Halloween event 2017 release has finally arrived! has got everything you need to know about the start time, Gen 3 and the end... [Read More]
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Gen 3 Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go's Halloween Event 2017 today--here's all the details. [Read More]
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THE NEXT Pokemon Go event is about to start, with new Mimikyu hats, Gen 3 releases and Halloween bonuses included... [Read More]
On Thursday morning, Niantic revealed the details of the long-awaited Pokemon Go Halloween 2017 event, which begins on Friday at 12:00 PM PT. Along with... [Read More]
Pokemon GO celebrates Halloween with an event that gives us our first taste of Gen 3 Pokemon. A spooky, ghost-like taste. Get the event details... [Read More]
While Pokémon Go may have lost some of its shine due to a number of problems like poorly run public events and a divisive invitation-only... [Read More]
POKEMON Go fans are gearing up for the Halloween event 2017 and the arrival of Gen 3 creatures. Here rounds up all you need... [Read More]
A NEW Pokemon Go event is about to start, here's everything you need to know about the Mimikyu hats, Gen 3 release and Halloween bonuses. [Read More]
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Leaks and datamining are commonplace nowadays, so it seems like most companies have lost the ability to choose when they want to officially release... [Read More]
Players will soon be able to catch ghost type Pokemon in Pokemon Go during an annual Halloween event, developer Niantic announced today. [Read More]
Pokemon GO's Halloween event is here, but only a few Gen 3 Pokemon have arrived. When will the rest get here? [Read More]
Here's when Generation 3 Pokemon will arrive in Pokemon Go and what to expect from its 2017 Halloween celebration. [Read More]
The rest of the Hoenn-based Pokemon will arrive gradually starting this December. [Read More]
Gen 3 Pokemon will start arriving in Pokemon Go this weekend for the Halloween event. Pokemon Go players will see the return of Gastly, Drowzee,... [Read More]
If you want to stock up on candy and capture those rare Gen 3 Ghost Pokemon then you better get out there. Here's when the... [Read More]