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ROME—Posing with Pope Francis before Michelangelo's masterpiece... [Read More]
Pope Francis visits Milan Saturday where he will meet families on a housing estate, nap in a prison and hold a mass for hundreds of... [Read More]
Posing with Pope Francis in front of Michelangelo masterpiece "The Last Judgment" at the Vatican, European Union leaders started their weekend pilgrimage in Rome with... [Read More]
When believers stop listening to God, Pope Francis said Thursday, their hearts become hardened and they risk becoming pagans in all but name. [Read More]
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse wait impatiently in their stable, while we decide whether to embrace an authoritarian, "smite-thine-enemy" God, or a gracious God... [Read More]
Pope Francis told E.U. heads of state that the future demanded greater solidarity, not nativism. [Read More]
Years before Pope Francis' recent ecology encyclical was published, a Trappist monastery in Virginia went back to its spiritual roots by embracing environmental stewardship. [Read More]
Pope Francis has called for unity and solidarity in Europe ahead of the Saturday EU summit in Rome. [Read More]
Cuban President Raul Castro's son, Alejandro, was the communist island's envoy for secret negotiations with the United States that led to the countries' historic rapprochement,... [Read More]
Pope Francis said opportunity can come by restoring "the pillars" on which the union was first founded. [Read More]
Meeting with 27 of the bloc's leaders, Pope Francis offered a blessing for the Continent but cautioned about the forces of populism and extremism. [Read More]
Pope Francis cited Cardinal William Keeler's commitment to ecumenical and interreligious understanding in offering condolences on the death of the archbishop emeritus of Baltimore. The... [Read More]
Pope Francis warned world leaders on Friday that the European Union "risks dying" without a clear vision for the future. The pontiff addressed... [Read More]
Speaking to leaders of 27 EU member states at the Vatican, Pope Francis warns that Europe has forgotten the tragedy of past divisions... [Read More]
Among the top 10 on the Fortune list are Pope Francis, humanitarian activist Melinda Gates, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and... [Read More]
Being disconnected from the values of the past – which upheld the human person and the family – has placed us in a new era... [Read More]
March 30, 2017 *all times in EST. Friday, 24 March House rescheduled till today the vote on Trump's healthcare bill. FULL TEXT of bill. EU... [Read More]
Pope Francis urged the leaders to resist the "false forms of security" promised by populists and instead bank on a future of solidarity. [Read More]
The two young siblings who Catholics believe saw a vision of the Madonna six times in the Portuguese village of Fatima in 1917 will be... [Read More]
Pope urges EU Resist 'false' security promised by populists - National News Pope Francis urged European leaders on Friday to resist the false forms of... [Read More]