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No matter who he's drawing, Castro starts with the eyes. [Read More]
Next week, Christie's will be the first auction house to offer artwork created by artificial intelligence. The "Portrait of Edmond de Belamy" was created by... [Read More]
An outraged mum has pleaded for schools to "stop airbrushing children" after claiming her son's school portraits were heavily photoshopped. Mum-of-three Kelly James forked out... [Read More]
Photo show documents our impact on the Earth and "the loss of nature." [Read More]
A show at LibertyTown Arts Workshop boasts an array of work ranging from wildly colorful abstracts to sculpted flowers and fish to portraits, landscapes, clothes... [Read More]
Lawyers painted starkly different portraits of Portland rapper Desmond B. Washington as a federal judge Wednesday weighed whether the 33-year-old accused of being a felon... [Read More]
The Christian Dior Couture dress that Princess Margaret wore for her 21st birthday portraits will take centre stage at the Victoria and Albert Museum's blockbuster... [Read More]
China hopes to bring Christianity to heel by requiring churches to sing Communist anthems, posting portraits of Chairman Mao next to Crosses, publishing new Bibles... [Read More]
The golden couple by Marsel van Oosten, The Netherlands: Grand Title Winner 2018, Animal Portraits. [Read More]
The online edition of Artforum International Magazine. [Read More]
Carvings uncovered in the Canadian Arctic may be the earliest portraits of the Vikings created in the Americas. But archaeologists have been puzzling over whether the artwork... [Read More]
Four portraits of South African majorettes from Western Cape are first time a series has won... [Read More]
The people in these portraits by Linda Bournane Engelberth move along, and beyond, gender identifications. [Read More]
In 1977, the National Portrait Gallery staged a landmark exhibition, featuring 90 portraits of eminent British women photographed by Mayotte Magnus. The gallery is now... [Read More]
Republican fantasy portraits signify the surrealism of the current WH situation. This one, caught during the CBS interview with Lord Dampnut for 60 Minutes, is... [Read More]
Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos unveiled four portraits on Saturday that are part of a new "Vanderbilt Trailblazers" series to honor members of the Vanderbilt community... [Read More]
Lee Friedlander (b. 1934) is one of the most renowned photographers of his generation. Through Friedlander's lens, people in their everyday environments are transformed into... [Read More]
Deadline's annual The Contenders London event kicked off this past Saturday, with an all-day lineup of panels featuring top talent, producers and directors from 23 awards-season films... [Read More]
Dickinson-area artist Linda Renaud possesses a truly unique style of art. Her portraits of wildlife burst with a lush and vibrant sense of color, capturing... [Read More]
Watch Into the Night: Portraits of Life and Death videos on demand. Stream full episodes online. [Read More]