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US president draws loud cheers and chants of 'USA' at rally in Alabama... [Read More]
President Trump weighed in on the wave of national anthem protests in the NFL, saying owners should fire those who take a knee. [Read More]
Iran reportedly claimed to have successfully tested a new medium-range missile on Saturday in defiance of warnings from President Trump who said he is ready... [Read More]
Several of the team's players, including coach Steve Kerr, have been openly critical of President Donald Trump since he took office in January. [Read More]
First President Trump pardons Joe Arpaio, who was convicted of criminal contempt because of his refusal to abide by a court order to stop racially... [Read More]
When a columnist calls our president "unfit to clean toilets at a reasonably respectable strip club," it is time to say enough already ("What did... [Read More]
Mitch Daniels' pick to serve as chancellor of IPFW and the new Purdue University Fort Wayne shows welcome recognition by the Purdue president of the v... [Read More]
With every action comes a reaction. And with every President Trump speech or tweet comes a response. At a campaign rally Friday night for Sen.... [Read More]
The Midland Area Chamber of Commerce gave an opportunity this week for local business professionals to get a jump on understanding the effects of marijuana... [Read More]
After North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said President Donald Trump would "pay dearly" for threatening to "totally destroy" North Korea if the U.S. were... [Read More]
The North Korean dictator read a rare public statement Friday, calling President Donald Trump a list of derogatory names. [Read More]
Well, ain't that something. After President Donald Trump alluded to controversial former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick a "son of a b*tch" during a... [Read More]
President Trump on Friday encouraged NFL owners to fire any player who protests during the national anthem. [Read More]
President Trump on Friday encouraged NFL owners to fire any player who protests during the national anthem. [Read More]
Melania Trump is set to take her biggest step yet as first lady. She's leading the U.S. delegation to an international sporting event for wounded... [Read More]
Travis Markwood is versatile as chamber of commerce president... [Read More]
The French president says Theresa May needs to sort out three key issues before talks turn to trade. [Read More]
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