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On Nov. 22, 1963, Hugh Aynesworth walked four blocks from The Dallas Morning News' building to watch President John F. Kennedy's motorcade drive through Downtown... [Read More]
According to a new book, director Mike Nichols once watched Marilyn Monroe in dishabille while she sang "happy birthday" to President John F. Kennedy... [Read More]
"Thank you cannot possibly be enough," state Sen. Will Haskell (R-26) told Wilton veterans assembled at the town's Veterans Day ceremony on Nov. 11, at... [Read More]
President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in November 1963 while riding in an open-topped Lincoln Continental. In the decades since Kennedy's assassination, the president's car... [Read More]
You may know where you were on Nov. 22, 1963, when you first learned that President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. More of you... [Read More]
In 1961, President John F. Kennedy delivered a Veterans Day speech hinging on the idea that he hoped there would one day be no more... [Read More]
Here's a look at the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963. [Read More]